People that want to SEE ALL PARTS OF Oakland looking BEAUTIFUL AGAIN

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Important parts of this puzzle of working class people that have a concerns of how the game of having a job and doing it works.

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  • 9609 Olive St Oakland 94603, United States - Cox
    This does match 5 plus other issues because the tenants at 9615 continually park on the sidewalk blocking the pedestrian right of way
  • Ellington Way Oakland, California - Elmhurst Park

    This is my 10th request to have this Bullcrap moved form Ellington Way, its part of a car dashboard, please have it moved, you all keep closing this out, but the dam car part is still there. Please have your lazy city workers get it cleaned up, instead they are riding around doing nothing, or somewhere sitting under a tree sleeping, Please get it moved, please.


  • 887 92nd Ave Oakland Ca - Highland
    There was a reported Mobil home dumped here 3-4 months ago which has recently been removed. This is the trash accumulated for those many months and left behind. Had you (City of Oakland) removed the blight earlier, this neighborhood would not need to look at this MESS!
  • 977 88th Avenue Oakland, California - Highland
    A large pile of miscellaneous debris, surmounted by a giant stuffed zebra, is eagerly awaiting pickup next to an abandoned auto with an extremely old notification of illegal parking pasted on it.
  • Hegenberger Road Coliseum Bart Station Exits Oakland, California - Coliseum
    Debris and trash dumped all around exits leading on and off Hegenberger Road in and around the parking lot between 69th to 74th Avenues alongside the landscaped overpasses gradients and slopes with garbage is spilling dangerously out onto roadways. Regular surveillance is needed to capture criminals dumping to curb this constant behavior from perpetrators.
  • 1424 78th Ave Oakland, CA, 94621, USA - Arroyo Viejo
    There is a red pickup truck parked here loaded down with trash. The car does not move and litter is constantly flowing down the street from the truck bed.
  • Ellington Way Oakland, California - Elmhurst Park
    This is my 3rd email to you regarding the Car that was dumped on Ellington. Its a part of the car the dashboard and other trash. Please have someone come and remove it. It looks really bad..
  • Ellington Way Oakland 94603, United States - Elmhurst Park
    Sheet rock wood nails glass electrical appliances and trash
  • 8730 E St Oakland, California - Highland
    Stolen and abandoned car. We need cameras...this has become a weekly dumping spot.
  • Sidewalk Acknowledged
    850-898 Prune St Oakland, California - North Stonehurst
    Sidewalk has a 2 inch lift and it's a real hazard and it's by the handicap Ramp
  • 802 Stone Street Oakland, California - South Stonehurst
    A large trailer full of discarded household items has been moved from in front of the Stonehurst property to this new location in front of the Prince of Peace Church. The Oakland PD was kind enough to have the suv that had been parked there towed, but now the Stonehurst squatters' garbage heap has taken its place.
  • Other Archived
    1273 87th Ave Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Highland
    Man has been living in camper parked on the street for several weeks. He's throwing the waste from his toilet out on the grass strip next to the sidewalk, so that there's open sewage being deposited across the fence from the Highland Day Care Center.