People that want to SEE ALL PARTS OF Oakland looking BEAUTIFUL AGAIN

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Important parts of this puzzle of working class people that have a concerns of how the game of having a job and doing it works.

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  • 84th Ave And International Blvd Oakland, California - Webster
    Homeless encampment entire block of 84th Ave & International
  • 9612 Dunbar Dr Oakland, California - Elmhurst Park
    This is by far the worst dumping in our neighborhood. Today was garbage day too! Trash bags and junk left everywhere and debris scattered in the roads. They also dumped a couch. Please help remove asap. Our neighborhood looks horrible.
  • 9827 San Leandro St Oakland, CA, 94603, USA - North Stonehurst
    All sorts of crap; makes this place look like Calcutta during a garbage strike.
  • 9921-9949 Pippin Street Oakland, California - North Stonehurst
    Sunny is sad because there is garbage all over the neighborhood.
  • Corner Of Tubman Dr And Ellington Way Oakland, California - Elmhurst Park
    Couch dumping that has been here for the past few days. Further down Ellington towards 92nd is the large pile of illegal dumping found last night/this morning. Please remove both locations.
  • Illegal dumping Acknowledged
    82 And Macarthur Oakland, CA - Toler Heights
    There is a lot of Plastic bags filled with paper and chip bags and candy wrappers and paper soda cups and newspaper
  • Other Open
    1001 89th Ave Oakland, California - Highland
    People living in these rvs just moved them into this vacant alley
  • 790 Prune Oakland, California - South Stonehurst
    going out on a limb here, I will guess that this is not someone taking their family garage to the certified dump site, nor are they a licensed removal contractor with workers comp and business insurance. Just Guessing - but this may be an ID of a vehicle that is about to dump a load near Peamain and whatever. Anyone out there to run the plate and check into this? Who knows? CA plate is prominent and easily readable.
  • 7900-7908 Ney Ave Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Eastmont Hills
    Possible stolen vehicle dumped. Car has been absolutely ravaged by some of locals in front of Parker elementary. Glass and debris in the street.
  • Blake Dr Oakland, CA 94603, USA - Elmhurst Park
    A dumped camper shell with garbage in road please remove
  • 1360 84th Ave Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Woodland
    Homeless encampment in front of a laundry mat. I no longer go there because my little girl is afraid of the people camping out there. This is really disgusting and bad for business. I really feel sorry for the business owner.
  • 2778-2798 Ritchie St Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Eastmont
    The grass is really big inside the private property causing rats pest and other animals problems, the grass on the street i pay to keep it clean because if let i grow they come to dump garbage on the street causing more problem for my neighborhood , i pay out of my pocket to keep the street grass clean but in that empty lot the owner needs to be taken care of it and the grass on the street. It causing rats and other animals going thru my yard and i do have kids and it is dangerous for my family my kids play outside in my yard and i dont want my kids been bitten or be sick because of this rat pest problem needs to be done ASP please and let the owner knows that he needs to take care of the gras every three months it is unsafe for the neighbors also because of the risk of fire and more animals