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  • 2680 66th Ave Oakland, California - Bancroft Business-Havenscourt
    This is the 2nd time reporting this dumping site. It's growing by the day. How horrible . Somebody should be held responsible. This has been called in 4 times by the neighbors. Shame on Oakland for not responding.
  • 9648 Dunbar Drive Oakland, California - Elmhurst Park
    There is a silver 2 door Merced’s car that has been parked for over a month across from 9648 Dunbar Drive and the tenant is getting worried that it might be abandoned. He called Oakland PD and informed him to let his HOA tow the car since it is out of the Oakland PD jurisdiction? The car already has all flat tires and it seems like it is being vandalized the longer it sits there.
  • 1400-1416 81st Ave Oakland, California - Arroyo Viejo
    Anything we can do for this lady, we've called the police but they move her and she comes right back. We tried talking to her but she becomes aggressive at times . She has sex openly at night and I cannot have my children play outside any longer. Is there a social service we can provide to help her. Thank
  • 1428 89th Avenue Oakland, California - Webster
    There is clothes & garbage along the brown AT&T fence in the 1400 BLOCK OF 89TH AVE that has been there.Its coming from one of the tenants in the green & Peach color duplex located next to where the trash is being dumped EVERY WEEK.Please address this MESSY SITUATION
  • 8036 San Leandro Street Oakland, California - Woodland
    Next to the multi use path 81 and 85 there is a lot of trash unrelated to the homeless camps that are also along the way. I am not asking to do anything about the homeless camps, I know that is a wast of breath, but the amount of debris poses problems for foot and bike traffic here.
  • 9846-9898 Pearmain St Oakland, CA 94603, USA - South Stonehurst
    Yet again another pile of garbage dumped on Pearmain. What do I tell my clients who visit my frame shop on Apple. Do I tell them that the city doesn't care about this part of Oakland? I am sure that is not the case. It does seem to me that lately they have been responding a little quicker to these posts but the problem needs to be fixed not just have a bandaid put over it. Come on Oakland lets get this problem solved catch someone in the act and make an example out of them. Give the dumpers jail time and a hefty fine.
  • 89 And E St Oakland, California - Highland
    Case is on E St. between 89th Ave. and 90th Ave. E St. has been gated off from the City of Oakland and now there are items overflowing from a squatter at the next door property at1000 89th Ave.
  • 8027 Ney Ave Oakland 94605, United States - Eastmont Hills
    A few mattress and a car bumper dumped on sidewalk
  • 9609 Olive St Oakland 94603, United States - Cox
    This does match 5 plus other issues because the tenants at 9615 continually park on the sidewalk blocking the pedestrian right of way
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    1273 87th Ave Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Highland
    Man has been living in camper parked on the street for several weeks. He's throwing the waste from his toilet out on the grass strip next to the sidewalk, so that there's open sewage being deposited across the fence from the Highland Day Care Center.
  • 944 72nd Ave Oakland, California - Coliseum
    Hi, This red car is here forever. I called the non-emergency number to get it towed but no one pick up the phone. It has been more than a month that this car is still in the same spot. License plate is 7FIF424. Please send some help. Thank you so much
  • 9910 Edes Ave Oakland, CA 94603, USA - Brookfield Village
    this block of Edes Ave is full of trash. the sidewalk is blocked, neighborhood kids use this as a route to school. imagine having to walk through this filth everyday just to get to school? oakland should be ashamed to allow these conditions.