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  • 28 Liberty St Beacon, NY 12508 - Beacon
    Cars speeding, racing and accelerating (peeling out) very quickly on busy street. Very close to Forrestal School - Dangerous for all pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers. Where is the Police presence?
  • Stop Sign Archived
    Sargent And South Avenue Beacon, NY 12508 - Beacon
    Stop sign is not visible until your 20 feet up on it, not enough time to stop, it you don't know the intersection. Speed is 25 MPH , but people go fast there. Be careful !!! and its a new one!
  • 19 Cliff St Beacon, NY, 12508, USA - Beacon
    Content blocked by rejections
  • 189 Washington Ave Beacon, NY 12508 - Beacon
    WTF? people park their stupid cars along Washington Ave on both sides, everybody comes to a bottleneck halt. came on, are you morons, use your driveways. you wonder why your mirrors are broken?
  • Tompkins Ave Beacon, NY - Beacon
    At least 2 cars had their windows smashed out recently. The last one happened at 4 in the afternoon. Happening to anyone else in Beacon?
  • 15 S Cedar St Beacon, NY 12508 - Beacon
    The intersection at the corner of South Cedar and DeWindt is dangerous. Cars bullet down DeWindt without looking and if a driver is approaching DeWindt coming from Main, it's impossible to see any oncoming vehicle without inching into the intersection. I live on the corner and have seen several narrowly-averted disasters and one full-on accident. Please fix this.
  • 19 Cliff St Beacon, NY, 12508, USA - Beacon
    The yard at this property is deplorable! Most in the city take pride in their property and are concerned with their neighbors. The trash in tis yard is an eyesore and has an adverse impact on the surrounding properties, not to mention safety. People pay good money to live in this area and want to be proud of their homes. They should not be subject to junk around them making them look bad. I hope the city takes a look and takes action!!!
  • 12 South Brett Street Beacon New York - Beacon
    In the past several months the barking from 12 South Brett has become worse. now the dogs are barking hours every day.
  • 97 Maple St Beacon, NY 12508 - Beacon
  • 280 E Main St Beacon, NY 12508 - Beacon
    Btwn Depuyster and where East Main becomes Mt. Lane there are motorcycles, cars and atvs (who do not live on the street) who race up and do doing wheelies and tearing up the mountain all hours of the day sometimes. It is illegal for them to be on the Mountain and their speed, noise and general inconsiderate behavior is out of control.
  • 95 S Chestnut St Beacon, NY 12508 - Beacon
    We have had 2 accidents this month alone due to cars running stop signs on W Center st when the Chestnut st cars do not have stop signs and have right of way. We need some police presence for at least a few days to discourage this activity!
  • 5 Ackerman St Beacon, NY 12508 - Beacon
    No Parking sign needed at corner of Ackerman and Main Street. Parking on both sides create bottle neck condition.