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  • 285 Main St Beacon, NY 12508, USA - Beacon

    Be Advised

    A white man on a grey bike snathced the purse from an elderly lady on main street across the street from key food.

    Held fled on bike down S. Brett and turned onto Dewindt.

  • Long Dock Rd Beacon, NY 12508, USA - Beacon
    At Long Dock park (aka Peter Sharpe Park), there's a foot-long piece of steel rebar coming out of the ground. In an area where children, pets and others play, this could be a real hazard. Could someone please remove or cut this? Thanks.
  • Newburgh-Beacon Bridge Beacon, NY 12508, USA - Beacon
    2 deep potholes that make you get half into the lane next to you to get around them. Not safe when there is a line of cars in that can't get around them and end up getting into both the potholes!
  • 302-308 Washington Ave Beacon, NY 12508, USA - Beacon
    It would seem the majority of people are driving faster than the silly 30mph. 40 or 45 would seem to be appropriate. From Stone street to Glenham.
  • 4 W Main St Beacon, NY 12508, USA - Beacon
    A noticeable up tick cars tearing out of the train station at the W Main entrance. This even more problematic now that the street is narrowed by snow and pedestrians have taken to the street due to iced over sidewalks.
  • First Street Beacon, NY - Beacon
    We have 2 lights on a short block. Plus one on each end of first street. Plus two at robinson and to the right on first and prospect. It's the brightest block in town and on the mountain. Please take away some of the lights.
  • 18 Washington Ave Beacon, NY 12508 - Beacon
    need "No Dog Poop" signs everywhere
  • East Main & Water Street Beacon, NY, 12508 - Beacon
    The intersection of East Main, Water Street and Leonard Street is treacherous. The deli blocks visibility and I've witnessed so many near-misses. We need more stop signs there.
  • 291 Main Street Beacon, New York - Beacon

    The other day I was crossing Main Street at South Brett, heading to Key Food, and a Beacon Express Cab drove through the crosswalk when we were almost halfway across. I yelled he was supposed to stop -- the driver was a man -- and he yelled something back like I wasn't in the crosswalk. But we were.

    Can the Beacon Police have a chat with the Cab company, and remind them of the law.

    Beacon Police have been doing a great job on this front, but the cabbies are really terrible.

  • Main Street Beacon Ny Beacon, New York - Beacon
    I've noticed that the Main Street trash cans are overflowing these days, and disgustingly filthy. With increased tourism it seems the level of emptying and cleaning has become inadequate. Either the City or an alliance of Main Street Merchants should do something. The overflow is being blown into the streets, also.
  • 49 Cross St Beacon, NY 12508 - Beacon
    cars speeding thru from main to end of cross perhaps avoiding 9d gets worst and worst.
  • Mountain Lane Beacon, NY - Beacon
    they patch the holes now its a BUMP