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  • Robbery Open
    Break In on Belfast Keller Road nest to Magnolia Marsh S/D
  • Georgia 119 Ellabell, GA 31308, USA - Bulloch County
    A small dip in the wheel rut southbound on Ga. SR 119 in Bulloch County where there is a cross drain pipe.
  • Hwy 144 & Belfast Siding @ El Cheapo - US Congressional District GA1
    The signs that are placed at the intersection of Hwy 144, El Cheapo & Belfast Keller road need to be moved. On several occasions I have almost gotten into an accident because the signs block your vision unless you pull out onto Hwy 144. I watch people every day that have come very close to being "t-boned" by another vehicle. PLEASE MOVE THEM and place a notice so they will not be replaced. Thank You
  • Daniel Siding Loop Rd Richmond Hill, GA 31324, USA - US Congressional District GA1
    There is a county owned ditch behind my property that is filled with tires, appliances and large trees that has constantly caused my property to flood. I have tried going through the channels of the county with no success. This has been going on for a long time and has been plaguing me since I moved in. I don't know where else to turn for help. The mosquito infestation is atrocious in the summer.
  • 43 Roswell Trail Richmond Hill, GA, 31324 - Richmond Hill
    Pot hole in street near 42 Roswell Trail, Richmond Hill, GA, 31324