"American Steel" "Defremery Park"

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    856-864 Mead Avenue Oakland, CA 94607, USA - McClymonds
    Line from the power line doesn't go anywhere. Is wrapped around the tree.
  • 2811 Adeline Street Oakland, CA 94608, USA - McClymonds
    20x5x5 foot pile of illegal dumping. Trash bags and pallets
  • Peralta Street At Poplar Street Oakland, CA, CA - McClymonds
    The median is frequently a deposit site for trash. The location is the intersection with Peralta and Poplar street at 30th Street just south of Poplar Playground in West Oakland.
  • 1150 30th Sy Oakland, CA - McClymonds
    One pile of about 200 VHS tapes and about 30 feet away is a pile of carpet padding and wood scraps.
    Every week there is a new illegal dumping at this site
  • 967 30th Street Oakland, CA 94608, USA - McClymonds
    Tons of shopping carts and garbage. Taken up the corner and overrunning the street. On the corner of Myrtle Street and 30th Street.
  • Dumping Acknowledged
    862-898 28th St Oakland, California - McClymonds
    Trash blocking the street and sidewalk
  • 852 Mead Ave Oakland, California - McClymonds

    852 Mead Ave is an empty lot that is "L" shaped and extends from the street to behind 848/850 Mead Avenue. There is continuing illegal dumping in this lot. There was only one pile and an old chicken coop when this was first reported by my neighbor on 1/23/2014, code enforcement service request # 500066. It was never addressed and now there are 3 other instances of dumping.

    The original pile that was reported in January is against the fence behind 848/850 Mead Avenue (see photo). My neighbor has previoiusly reported this pile, but it has not been cleaned up. It has been there for over 9 months and includes household goods, an old mattress, and other garbage. It is very moldy and infested with rodents.

    The second pile is more recent, and is located directly at the back of the lot, visible from the street. It is mostly pieces of a rotted wooden fence that used to be standing behind 861 Milton Street. The pile appeared when the property owner of 861 Milton Street dismantled the old fence to construct a new one. This pile is next to the new fence at the back of the property. It has been there for about 2 months

    The third pile has also been there for about 2 months and includes an old dismantled chicken coop and stack of logs. My neighbor saw this pile of wood being placed into the lot by someone other than the owner. The owner has since come by to place a sign offering the logs for free to anyone who wants them and posted his phone number: 510-681-8687. The owner told us that he did not authorize the logs to be placed on his property and said he would come to clean everything up in two weeks. This was over a month ago.

    Yesterday someone dumped a grill and some furniture in the front of the lot by the sidewalk.

    The garbage in this lot creates low visibility and drug dealers have used this space to sell drugs, easily hiding behind the pile of logs. Each pile of garbage encourages other people to use this lot as a dumping ground, making what would be a nice green space into a landfill with illegal activity. These piles are also infested with rodents. Please help us clean it up and hold the landowner accountable for maintenance.

  • Other Acknowledged
    771 23rd Street Oakland, California - McClymonds
    Homeless encampment located on sidewalk (blocking sidewalk) in the 700 block of 23rd street, Oakland Needs to be removed. I have called the police numerous times regarding this matter. The encampment is interfering with my business located between West Grand and 23rd street. There is human urine (smell) and feces on the sidewalk. I emailed Mayor Quan about this today. We need help!
  • 1151-1199 26th Street Oakland, CA 94607, USA - McClymonds
    Clothes and household garbage. Furniture dumped.
  • 2921 Adeline St Oakland, California - McClymonds
    Multiple dumpsters used by food processing companies sit 24/7 along red curb and in street parking spaces along Adeline (four in front of 2921 and three in front of 2925). I'm told the tenant at 2921 moved out last week, since then their dumpsters have been spread far apart and a couch is on the street between them.
  • 862-898 28th St Oakland, California - McClymonds
    Giant pile of illegally dumped crap that gets bigger ever time I see it. This pile is disgusting, and what started out as a manageable pile yesterday has been added to at least twice, turning this into a sprawling mess.
  • Other Open
    2940 Linden Street Oakland, CA 94608, USA - McClymonds
    Blighted, abandoned house. Why do the rest of us neighbors have to look at this house full of graffiti and trash in the yard day after day, year after year? I thought the city wanted to make Oakland a better place.