"American Steel" "Defremery Park"

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  • 2615 Magnolia Street Oakland, CA 94607, USA - McClymonds
    Sofa, couch, tv and trash on sidewalk.
  • 1173 28th Street Oakland, CA 94608, USA - McClymonds
    Boards, trash. Old paint cans still here
  • Homeless Camp Archived
    2850 Poplar St Oakland, CA - McClymonds
    2850 Poplar St. Oakland CA 94608 - Homeless people, carts, buckets, trash, & large items dumped on the sidewalk. You can not walk on the sidewalk. Please send someone out to clean up.
  • Other Archived
    771 23rd Street Oakland, CA 94612, USA - McClymonds
    Homeless encampment, dumping, squatting etc
  • 1150-1198 26th Street Oakland, California - McClymonds

    Thank you all for checking out these two videos that our cameras captured. Maybe you know these people?
    These two links on YouTube show 3 young men climbing out of their Subaru and proceeding to cover the artwork of Scott Hove on 26th street. Watch both videos if you have the time.... They spent a total of about 20 minutes before one of our local homeless people chased them off wielding a long pipe.

    The first video shows them pulling up, testing their paints on the street before then moving around the corner to park on Adeline. From there they walked back to the artwork and proceeded to cover it with their trash.



    The building owner was good enough to clean it immediately and refurbish the artwork. This continues to be an issue in West Oakland and needs to be addressed. It will happen again in this same spot and will until the city chooses to take a hard line and prosecute those who are picked up.

  • 2850 Poplar St Oakland, CA - McClymonds
    I've reported several time about the homeless people in front of the building of 2850 Poplar St. The problem is growing. More people have joined the camp and there is trash up and the whole block. Once again, can you please send someone out to adress this issue?
  • 2619 Magnolia St Oakland, California - McClymonds
    More furniture, mattress and pot plants.
  • Pothole Archived
    2827 Chestnut Street Oakland, CA 94608, USA - McClymonds
    World's deepest pothole still there. That's a regular traffic cone, all but 6" disappearing in hole.
  • Homeless & Trash Acknowledged
    2850 Poplar St Oakland, CA - McClymonds

    Tons of wet trash (blankets, cardboard, pillows, etc.) from the homeless that are living in front of the building. The homeless and their misc items are blocking the sidewalk.
    Please remove the trash ans assist the homeless with a place of shelter.

    Thank You

  • 2850 Poplar St Oakland, California - McClymonds

    Someone dumped a massive amount of wood and debris in front of 2850 Poplar. It appears do be removal from an old home. There is also garbage from the homeless that are living in front of the building. Please remove as soon as possible.

    Thank you.

  • 1150-1184 30th Street Oakland, CA 94608, USA - McClymonds
    Concrete chunks and bricks that won't go away, no matter how often I report this. If it requires the special concrete and brick pickup crew, please send, or all your efforts are in vain. Thanks - again!
  • 2730 Adeline Street Oakland, CA 94607, USA - McClymonds
    2939 Adeline St.