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these 80s BABIES are being watched ... OAKLAND WILL BE CLEAN AND SAFE AGAIN!, SO WATCH OUT PEOPLES!... it is time for a change, the BETTER WAY, Healthy.!!! Getting these kids smart, safe & healthy inside and out...

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  • 930 84th Ave & 935 84th Ave Oakland, California - Woodland
    I report on 12/18/17 that small refrigerator was left at between 930 84th Ave and 935 84th Ave but was never pick up as of today, right now someone left a sofa at the same location
  • 1401-1413 88th Ave Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Webster
    trash boxes crate litter sofa at the corner of 88th and International
  • 89th Ave & G St - Highland
    Large number of mattresses around 89th down from A&B Towing on Ave G
  • 1000 89th Ave Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Highland
    ok when is something going to get done? its been years. he is moving crap around and now that E street got clearded of the grass he is moving buses, trailers, etc onto it. bus and other junk he had on street is now on E street between 89th & 90th ave. will the city do something!!!!
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    Ave G & 88th Ave - Highland
    Dead animal in the of junk at the 88th corner. Looks like illegal dumping backed up. Needs more regular pick. Should be on WM list?
  • 1317 83rd Ave Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Woodland
    Hi , I just want to make a report  i hope u read this some guys selling alcoholic beverages without legal permits , on top of that some of the clients are under age, hope you can take it away faster please some of the guys drink they alcoholic beverages and go straight to the car. address 1340 83rd ave Oakland, ca 94621 please do something shortly, tomorrow are going to be selling again. 
  • 1427 88th Ave Oakland, CA, 94621, USA - Webster
    It's actually across from 1427 88th Ave (the Elmhurst Library branch). Massive pile of what appears to be building/construction related trash along with bags of trash.
  • 939 88th Ave Oakland CA 94621, United States - Highland
    Illegal dump on 88th Ave., Cross Street is G ST. This dumpsite consists of approximately 50 shipping cartons - sizes small medium and very large. Dumpsite also contains shipping material such as Styrofoam and cellophane. Most of the shipping cartons have a name and address. That address is a residential dwelling located 5.5 miles from the dumpsite location in San Leandro. That information will be forwarded to the Alameda County District attorneys office for further investigation.
  • 915 87th Ave Oakland, California - Highland
    Abandoned Motor home 87th ave & G Street, has been there about 4 months, street sweeper can't clean the street, no tickets or parking enforcement.
  • 1448-1498 89th Avenue Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Webster
    Trash across street from school drop off area on 89th/holly. Lots of papers. Should check for address and send a fine letter so they stop.
  • 8731 International Blvd Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Webster
    drain is stopped up and Street flooded at the corner of 88th and International
  • 8239 International Blvd Oakland, CA, 94621, USA - Oakland
    Hi I work for AT&T Robert rx6316 is my uuid on the corner of 83rd Ave and international Blvd Oakland Ca is our main phone box. We are now unable to reach our box due to homeless camp and There using our box as a restroom so dirty. We had to now reschedule multiple customer’s services installs Hope you can assist for this issue thanks 510-599-3209