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these 80s BABIES are being watched ... OAKLAND WILL BE CLEAN AND SAFE AGAIN!, SO WATCH OUT PEOPLES!... it is time for a change, the BETTER WAY, Healthy.!!! Getting these kids smart, safe & healthy inside and out...

Notified About

  • 8521 A Street Oakland, California - Highland
    A Street between 84th Avenue & 90th Avenue is teeming with potholes.
  • 7980 Plymouth St Oakland 94621, United States - Arroyo Viejo
    Mattresses and lots of loose trash along the stretch of Olive across from the park near 80th
  • 1022 89th Avenue Oakland, California - Highland
    There is a sofa and other bulky items on the corner of 89th and D street. It has been there for over a month. Please send someone out as soon as possible
  • 8717 G St Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Highland
    lots of trash on G street between 88th and 89th Avenues
  • 915 87th Ave Oakland, California - Highland
    Abandon truck on in front of 925 87th ave, full of junk, no plates
  • 2356 83rd Ave Oakland, CA, 94605, USA - Castlemont
    Corner of 2356 83rd Ave and Hillside Street. Homeless encampment in the abandoned cars and motor home. They are burning the hazardous garbage causing a serious safety concern with toxic fumes and as there was a previous motor home fire in this location.
  • 8350-8398 E St Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Woodland
    There is a dead dog in a box on the corner of the park at E st near 83rd. It is just outside of the farm next to a mattress.
  • 85th Ave Oakland, CA, 94621, USA - Woodland
    I hit a pothole on 85th Avenue shortly after crossing over the train tracks coming from san leandro Blvd.
  • 83rd Ave & Hillside St Oakland, CA, 94605, USA - Castlemont
    Corner of 83rd Ave and Hillside Street. Multiple abandoned cars and motor home which poses a significant safety/health issue for the area. A motor home previously caught fire at this location causing damage to the area and charred the tree and current tenant vehicles. There are multiple non-working cars and another motor home.
  • 1300-1398 85th Ave Oakland, California - Highland
    This illegal dump site is located behind the store on the corner of 85th & International Blvd.
  • 1104 87th Ave Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Highland
    these people live in this house they illegal dumping used oil & coolant in the drain and illegal dumping debris on D st and 87th ave all the time when they did side job from neighbor house. can you send people to the house and confront them . thanks
  • 2143 88th Ave Oakland CA 94621, United States - Castlemont
    There is a sofa between 87th and 88th Ave on Bancroft Ave next to my house