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these 80s BABIES are being watched ... OAKLAND WILL BE CLEAN AND SAFE AGAIN!, SO WATCH OUT PEOPLES!... it is time for a change, the BETTER WAY, Healthy.!!! Getting these kids smart, safe & healthy inside and out...

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  • 2541 82nd Ave Oakland, California - Eastmont
    Trash, sofa at Golf Links and 82nd Avenue
  • 939 88th Ave Oakland CA 94621, United States - Highland
    Illegal dump on the 900 block of 88th Ave.. Dumpsite consists of Styrofoam packaging material, three outdoor lawn chairs, and cardboard boxes
  • 2541 82nd Ave Oakland, California - Eastmont
    Trash, Xmas tree next to fence at 82nd Avenue and Golf Links rd
  • Graffiti Archived
    8000-8098 Rudsdale Dr Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Fitchburg
    There is also graffiti on the side of the building that can be seen from 80th Avenue
  • 8000 International Blvd Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Arroyo Viejo
    This is in legal dumped wood in back the star liquor 80th ave and international blvd Oakland ca 94601
  • 1233 82nd Ave Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Fitchburg
    Several spots of illegal dumping along 1200 and 1300 blocks of 82nd Avenue
  • Graffiti Archived
    8030 Herbert Guice Way Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Fitchburg
    The correct address is 8024 Rudsdale Street, I believe. The photo is taken from 80th Avenue where the graffiti is on the side of the building.
  • 8101-8135 International Blvd Oakland, California - Fitchburg
    It's trash along the sidewalk here at 82nd and international. People catch the bus here and this is disgusting
  • 8000 Olive Street Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Arroyo Viejo
    Dump items are on 80th Ave. side of home.
  • Pothole Archived
    1236 86th Ave Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Highland
    There are 6 large potholes causing disturbances along 86th avenue between A and D street in east Oakland. I was nearly hit by a car this morning while riding my bike. The car was trying to avoid the largest of these 6 potholes. Please do something about this as soon as possible. They are getting bigger and becoming a hazard.
  • 1815 88th Ave Oakland, California - Webster
    Park is covered I. Trash and plant material, making it impossible for kids to enjoy. Trash cans need to be provided and serviced regularly. It is a huge injustice to have this park in this condition.
  • 1126 84th Ave Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Woodland
    1126-84th Ave, Oakland: Yard not cut in front of house and is over flowing onto sidewalk.