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  • 1200 West Lawrence Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    First off, I'm not sure who direct this issue to. However, there seems to be a growing camp under the lawerence/lake shore drive bridge. There are a dozen or more tents set up 24 hours here. This has been going on so long now that there are tables, chairs and bbq set round the clock. I have no idea how it has gone unnoticed and unchanged for so long. This is so wrong, considering the city has no problem giving me a ticket for parking too far from the curb. So sad considering this is the path way to our beatiful beaches, trails and lake. And so unsafe.
  • 760 West Wilson Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    I was unable to ride my bock under the Wilson underpass going into the park. The underpass is blocked with junk and you do not have room to navigate a bike, baby buggy, etc through the piles of debris. Two to three people are standing " guard at the South West entrance. . Why are these city violations allowed to get worse and worse.? The entire area going South toward Montrose is littered with bottles, cans, papers, boxes of rotting food, etc ( left by people) . The smell and amount of litter is really disgusting. We can now not access the park because the homeless have blocked access. Ridiculous and really obscene. I read that Chicago lost the most population of any major city in the USA. Does one wonder why? Seattle just cleaned out its homeless two mile stretch , New York just did the same thing. The reason was that these situations inpact the health and welfare of the entire community. Not just the people living under the viaduct. T.B., fecal born infections, spoiled food, all are factors that contribute to this serious issue. A representative from the city advised me last week that Department of Family Services is involved and that cleaning was going to begin? I see no evidence of this. It seems to me that no one in the city government of Dept of Public Health care, or are they just passing the buck. No one can advise me why these violations can be used by a small group to put the entire community at risk for major illness? Anyone wish to reply?
  • Clarendon & Lawrence Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 46

    Pedestrians need help crossing Lawrence here. Ideally cyclists would also get some support

    • First opportunity in .3 mile ( to cross Lawrence if walking east from Sheridan
    • Main access point to lakefront, Margate Park, dog park
    • High number of young children in immediate area
    • 15,700 vehicles per day enter/leave Lake Shore Drive directly east
    • Complicated intersection with multiple lights & curb cuts
    • Multiple bus routes using reticulated buses (#81 #148)
    • High ambulance traffic due to hospitals & nursing facilities
    • Periodic high traffic due to Uptown event venues

  • 4152-4558 N Marine Drive Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    40 people living under the overpass. Cans, bottles and garbage . Not to mention the threat of a real outbreak of disease. Human
    feces in the park is not only disgusting it is dangerous. Typhoid fever is spread by contaminated food and water from waste. Why isn't the Department of Health involved? Another first for Chicago? Out break of typhoid fever because the city neglects to correct a basic component of stopping disease. What is going on with city services? Would this be taking place at the North Ave. underpass ? North and Lake Shore? Empathy for the homeless is one thing allowing them to create a potential life threatening disease opportunity is true stupidity.
  • 600 N Lake Shore Dr Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 42
    There is a tremendous amount of glass on the path between Ohio St and Oak Street, can it be swept up?
  • 600 West Montrose Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    Bums control access to park with tents and garbage. Can not access park via Wilson South side Lake Shore drive / Marine viaduct. City appears to think this a fine thing? No pathway is available. A.D,A. enforcement. Why is this tolerated? Numerous city code violations. None are enforced. Open drugs, open booze, open fires, . Why is this allowed.
  • 600 W Wilson Ave Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    The number of "barriers" while walking to the lakefront is hindering my neighborhood's ability to access the beach by foot. Tents, clothing, human waste, drinking, old food, loitering and carts are out on sidewalks all day long preventing a safe and sanitary walkway.
  • Graffiti Archived
    Lakefront Trail Chicago, IL 60611, USA - Chicago Ward 42
    7-eleven has installed an advertising banner on Lake Shore Trail just to the west of Ohio Street Beach. It is worse than graffiti and is illegal. Advertising is not permitted near Lake Shote Drive and certainly not in the Park District. It is installed on the ground, facing upwards to the W Hotel.
  • 642-650 West Hutchinson Street Chicago, IL 60613, USA - Chicago Ward 46
    These two bikes have been locked to this signpost since January 2014. They are an eye sore and need to be removed!
  • 4600 North Lake Shore Drive Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    There are 18-20 tents in the Wilson viaduct (more at Lawrence). They block at least 3/4 of the sidewalk in numerous places. There are grills, furniture, bikes, and mounds of luggage in the viaducts and spilling into the park outside. There is feces and urine on the sidewalks. Cars repeatedly stop in the viaducts to either distribute food or sell drugs. The homeless have guards stationed to discourage anyone who might not be their advocate from getting too close. I managed to get a couple pictures yesterday. We're repeatedly told this issue has been closed but nothing is being done. When will someone address this dangerous situation?
  • 4251 N. Marine Drive Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    There is an abandoned bike locked to the CTA sign next to the bus shelter at 4251 N. Marine. It has been there at least a year, the bike has been destroyed, and we've reported it at least three times.
  • 616-628 West Montrose Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    Approximately 30 people with carts and junk living under the viaduct. At least ten king size tents block the sidewalks on both sides of the street. Access to the sidewalk very limited, aggressive bums actually patrol one end of the viaduct. Garbage, rotting food, old clothes, open fires make the area a haven for rats, an eyesore, and a health risk. People living here have made the park and adjacent areas of our lakefront a no mans land, where you can not walk or wander. . Aggressive homeless actually chase children down Clarendon on school days. All done in the name of " The Rights of the Homeless". What about the rights of the people who live here and pay taxes? If, you care about your lakefront and ward you need to contact the mayor, the city council, your state legislators and tell them what is happening in our area. It has become progressively worse with tent cities at Lawerence and LSD at least 30 more,are camped at Wilson and LSD, Stewart School lot another ten to fifteen, , abandonded building South East corner of Wilson and Sheridan ( another ten plus) . Uptown does not have to be the repository for all the homeless in the city .If, we do nothing then we we lose a great area. Call , write, E mail, tweet your city officials to do something about the worsening situation.