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  • 800 Block Of West Chester Pike West Chester, PA - West Goshen
    The posted speed limit is 35 mph.
    Most traffic does 50-60, it's a straight away with no red lights, and it's 2 lanes both east and west bound direction! Numberous accidents and not enough police presence!
  • Montgomery Ave & Gay St. West Chester, PA - West Goshen
    A traffic light is needed at Mongomery Ave & Gay St (by McDonalds). The light should be in sync with the light at Bolmar & Gay St
  • 501-699 Falcon Ln West Chester, PA - West Goshen
    Speeders in neighborhood are endangering the lives of the residents.
  • 592-598 Ellis Ln West Chester, PA - West Goshen

    The YIELD sign is too far around the corner and can't be seen until the last minute.

    I've seen accidents and lots of near misses.

  • 706 East Gay Street West Chester, PA - West Goshen
    Pulling out of one of the busiest Wawas in PA. There's multiple bushes when you're making the left that completely obscure your vision of traffic. Additionally, there needs to be some sort of traffic mirrors placed at each corner so you don't get clipped by cars racing by blindly.
  • West Goshen PA, USA - West Goshen
    Cars parking on street and taking up the whole lane of traffic along Falcon Lane. Even more of a pain after plowing.
  • Speeders! Archived
    West Goshen PA, USA - West Goshen
    The issue of speeders on South 5 Points is getting out of control. I haven't seen a police presence here for quite sometime. The tiny SLOW DOWN vertical wording on the speed limit signs is NOT effective. I'll be calling the PD today. In the meantime any one reading this: SLOW DOWN on this residential road!! It is NOT your personal superhighway between West Chester Pike and Westtown Road!
  • 970-978 Fern Hill Road West Chester, Pennsylvania - West Goshen
    There ABSOLUTELY needs to be a left turn arrow when making a left hand turn onto fern hill road from five points road. I've lived here my entire life, and have been able to make a left hand turn without any oncoming traffic approximately 10 times out of 10,000. It is nearly IMPOSSIBLE for more than 1 vehicle to turn left at this intersection before the light changes to red, at ANY time of the day. I've never been at this intersection where there are no cars coming. With all the traffic from Ice Line and the new Arbours community, it makes it very annoying to sit at this light. Thank you very much. And did I mention I want an arrow? :)
  • Pothole Archived
    893 Westtown Rd West Chester, PA 19382, USA - West Goshen
  • 801-885 Justin Ln West Chester, PA 19382, USA - West Goshen
    Grass is over 3 feet high between Cooper Baseball field and new retention basin.
  • Richmond Road West Goshen, PA - West Goshen
    There are 3 ponds in the superblock bounded by Paoli Pike, Ellis Lane, Strassburg Road, West Chester Pike and 5 Points Rd. I believe that all three are on township neighborhood parks. Two of these are silted up. Shouldn't the township, at least, make it known what their policy is toward these ponds?
  • 801-803 Paoli Pike West Chester, PA - West Goshen
    I am a delivery driver and town and I cannot get over the amount of people I see going the wrong way on both gay and market st. After $3000 worth of damage was done to my car by a driver going the wrong way (who continued doing so after running me off the road). This needs to be addressed. We don't need someone getting hurt or worse because of this.