West Goshen

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  • Westtown Rd At Partridge Ln. - West Goshen
    Street is breaking up and this hole creates a hazard for motorist traveling west on Westtown Rd at Partridge Ln.
  • 13 N 5 Points Rd West Goshen, PA 19380 - West Goshen
    When you make the right turn off of Route 3 and on to Five Points, going towards Paoli Pike, there's a pothole right there.
  • Pothole Archived
    833-835 Pennsylvania 3 West Chester, PA 19380, USA - West Goshen
    A very large pothole right as you turn onto this road. Very deceiving when it is filled with water.
  • 300 Ellis Lane West Chester, PA - West Goshen
    pot hole needs to be fixed on the edge of the road in front of 300 Ellis Lane - it is getting larger by the day!
  • 11 N 5 Points Rd West Chester, PA - West Goshen
    There is a large pot hole forming in the middle of the road leading to shopping center. It is difficult to avoid when leaving the shopping center because there is a high curb on the passenger's side, and oncoming traffic on the other.
  • Concord Rd And Paoli Pike West Chester, PA 19380, USA - West Goshen
    There are segments of sidewalk along Paoli Pike between Five Points Rd and Marshall Rd/Gay St (W.C.). It is apparent by the worn paths on the sides of the road that something needs to be done here, to provide a complete system of sidewalks, for pedestrians and cyclists, between residential and commercial locations throughout this corridor.
  • 884-898 Falcon Ln West Chester, PA 19382, USA - West Goshen
    A tree is hiding a stop sign at this dangerous intersection.
  • erosion Archived
    893-899 Westtown Rd West Chester, PA 19382, USA - West Goshen
    Road has very large ditch at corner, very dangerous
  • W Chester Pike & U.S. 322 West Goshen, PA 19382, USA - West Goshen
    Coming from rt 3, turning southbound onto 202, I have seen many, many people travel the wrong lane or hesitate and almost cause accident. Couldnt someone just put sign up, DO NOT ENTER HERE so that would eliminate the one road. ????
  • Falcon Lane West Chester, PA 19382, USA - West Goshen
    At the lower end of Falcon Lane is a Playground. Speed limit for the whole of Falcon Is 25 which I think should be lower. People think because of the Double Line in center of road 35 to 45 is OK and Stop Signs can be ignored. This is a residential street with children plus the playground. Be considerate you will get to work or home.
  • 200 Garfield Ave West Chester, PA 19380, USA - West Goshen
    This has been growing for over a year and is now potentially damaging if you hit it square on. Please fix!