Scott Kaupin

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District 3 Town Councilman and Mayor

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  • 128 Moody Rd Enfield, CT 06082, USA - polytest
    Sidewalk not shoveled
  • Sept 29 sign Archived
    299 Elm Street Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    remove advertising event sign on front of property near front driveway and street. event was EIGHT months ago...
  • 209-209 Broadbrook Rd Town of Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    This property has been vacant for a number of years.
  • 60 Spruceland Rd Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    I have 3 barrels that I paid for everything up until this juncture has been fine, however both my recyclables and refuse container still have 1/3 of the refuse left in them, I made 2 calls to the public works dept 2 days ago with no response we made a mistake a couple of weeks ago with the cardboard we left it on top of the bin because it was out of room, the gent who picks it up left us a nice note stating we cannot do that and we will make sure it fits or we will wait for the following collection. my mother noticed on this weeks collection of the grey barrels there were 2 gents in the truck I don't know what there responsibilities are so I will just state the facts which are both barrels have 1/3 of the items still remaining and im not going to purchase another barrel when there are 2 gents in the truck im assuming one should be monitoring that the barrels are empty and if there are stolen barrels monitoring the serial number of reported barrels that are being sought after im not a chronic complainer and the service to your defense has always been excellent I don't find the barrels in the middle of the street knocked over and they have always been emptied etc please address this problem asap. something tells me it was hotter than normal the guys were really tired and they slipped up, however this is I believe the third time this has happened within 2 months to be on the safeside with the time line . please feel free to call my cell with any questions or comments you can also email me, thank you for your attn. in this matter have a great day!! p.s. cell 203-868-1056
  • Road Repairs Acknowledged
    37 Arbor Rd Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    The road is torn up and gets worse every time a snow plow goes by. Each time it is plowed, large chucks of asphalt are thrown onto the sidewalk and usually buried under more snow. When I snow blow I have to be very careful to avoid them so that my snow blower isn't ruined and so that asphalt isn't thrown into my yard or at my house. The sidewalk is relatively clear of the chunks in the pictures because I swept it after the big ice storm.
  • Speeding Archived
    207 Hazard Ave Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    Speeding on Hazard Ave in the area between Beverly St and Edward St is out of control. Please reduce speed limit to 25mph and add cross walk light signals on the corner of Beverly and Hazard Ave.
  • Tree debris Archived
    87 Brewster Rd. Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    Approx. 1 month has passed since a tree was taken down and branches, etc. piled at curb with no sign of removal. Does this constitute blight?
  • Other Archived
    117 North Street Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    A new owner to this property has made very nice improvements to the house but my question is - does this property have a permit for a business to operate on it? It it zoned for operating other than farm land? Is there a permit to allow for parking a large amount of dump trucks and construction size dump trailers here? It seems these which have been located on and have come from 132 Moody Road originallyof these trucks parked and operating in and out of 117 North Street for months now. I believe a large area was clear cut of trees to open up an area for even more construction size trucks to park out of site to the right of the barns. Now if this property is farm land these definitely are not farm vehicles pertaining to this property. Something more than meets the eye is going on and if there are proper permits and zoning then that is fine. But a health issue also is when these trucks are sitting there idling, the exhaust is terrible in the area driving by on North Street. Industrial city. Imagine the people who might have breathing problems or could develop them from this activity...
  • 51-77 Willard Dr Town of Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    Woman in gold Cadillac cts is drinking and driving. Currently parked on Willard Drive. Ahe has been driving druk and taking aderol which she hides in her bra.
  • Street Sign Archived
    20 Ryefield Drive Enfield, CT - polytest
    At the intersection directly across from the location listed (Rye Field and High Meadow) the street sign (High Meadow Lane) seems to have "walked". I thought you might have wanted to put it on your list of things to do for the "spring"! :-)
    Thank you.
  • Rte 190 @ Middle Rd - polytest
    Mailhot Remodeling has advertisement sign (4x6) at the Jug Shop property, Rte 190 x Middle Rd. believe this is violation of zoning ordinance.
  • Graffiti Archived
    32 North St Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    There are obscene middle fingers publically displayed all over the house and in clear view of all the kindergarten to second graders attending Hazardville Memorial who see it daily on their way to school. While the homeowners may be protected under freedom of speech, the graffitied obscenities are blight and are unacceptable to our town and community, not to mention in plain sight of our town's youth. Unacceptable.