Woodland Heights/Forest Hill

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Woodland Heights/Forest Hill

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    2700 Perry St Richmond, VA 23225, USA - Swansboro
    Fonticello Spring at Carter Jones Park- the spring was shut off two years ago so that a plumber could clear a clog in the drain but the work was never completed and the spring is still shut off. The first seeclickfix issue ID is #1055183 and then a new issue ID was created #993712. Both of those cases are marked completed and have been archived but the work has not been done and the spring is still off. I would like for this work to finally be completed so that our community can once again enjoy the advantages of this natural water source.
  • 3300 Semmes Ave Richmond, Virginia - Woodland Heights
    Grass Medians down the length of Semmes Ave are overgrown to a height of 2 feet. Needs to be cut ASAP.
  • 1208 Westover Hills Boulevard Richmond, VA - Forest View
    Trash, Cardboard Boxes, and a Couch that has been there for weeks littering the property. The dumpsters are wide open allowing for trash to blow out and on to neighboring properties.
  • 310 West 31st Street Richmond, VA - Woodland Heights
    This is property at 310 West 31st street is vacant since last summer. Last week someone stole a bunch of window air conditioning units out of the ground floor windows and there are now open spaces into the building and it is encouraging vagrants to enter and squat. Please come board these open windows up!! I attached a few photos but there are many more than just this. Thanks!
  • 3900 Forest Hill Ave And W. Roanoke Richmond, VA - Forest Hill Park
    There are no pedestrian signals or crosswalks. Very dangerous for families with strollers, small children and the elderly. Virtually impossible to cross Forest Hill to reach the park or cross from the park to reach commercial area. Have gotten no positive responses from traffic engineering.
  • 4700 Reedy Ave Richmond, Virginia - Forest Hill Terrace

    Is there any way you could send someone out to landscape this overgrown roundabout?

    Thanks for your help!

  • 3800 Forest Hill Ave. Richmond, VA - Reedy Creek
    Sidewalk is closed. No pedestrian crossing lights at intersection. How does one get traffic to stop.
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    4650-4698 Reedy Ave Richmond, VA 23225, USA - Forest Hill Terrace
    Large potholes developing at the Reedy and 47th street calming circle. Causing east and west bound traffic to drive up on the circle to avoid.
  • 1209 West 47th Street Richmond, VA - Forest Hill Terrace
    There's a growing pile of mattresses, couches, chairs, box springs, ETC in the alley behind Parkway Apartments. There's a dumpster, but the pile is not in it.
  • 4300 Forest Hill Avenue Richmond Virginia - Forest Hill Terrace
    The shrubs and trees at the corner of 43rd Street and Forest Hill Avenue (on the southwest corner) block the view of drivers heading north down 43rd toward Forest Hill Ave.
  • DEAD TREE Archived
    600 W 21st Street Richmond, Virginia - Woodland Heights
    Facing 600 W 21st Street, the dead tree is on the city side, in front of a vacant lot to the right. It is hanging over the street dangerously and is going to damage a car if not removed.
  • 4610 Forest Hill Av. Richmond, Virginia - Forest Hill Terrace
    Ad signs on city road right-of-way, violates city code.