Woodland Heights/Forest Hill

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Woodland Heights/Forest Hill

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  • DEAD TREE Archived
    600 W 21st Street Richmond, Virginia - Woodland Heights
    Facing 600 W 21st Street, the dead tree is on the city side, in front of a vacant lot to the right. It is hanging over the street dangerously and is going to damage a car if not removed.
  • Potholes Archived
    Roanoke And Forest Hill Richmond, VA - Forest Hill Park
    Multiple potholes at the intersection
  • 4827 Forest Hill Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Forest Hill
    INTERSECTION OF FOREST HILL AVE AND WESTOVER HILLS BLVD: Exposed bricks, uneven road surfaces, multiple potholes. Has been reported MULTIPLE times and intersection is still in HORRENDOUS condition. Driving through this intersection is like driving in a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY!!
  • Lot Overgrown Archived
    1000 West 49th Street Richmond, VA - Forest View
    This lot is becoming an eyesore again. It belongs to the city, as was argued last year and cleaned up by the city. I was told it would be taken care of on a monthly basis, but have seen no one since the initial services.
  • 4610 Forest Hill Av. Richmond, Virginia - Forest Hill Terrace
    Ad signs on city road right-of-way, violates city code.
  • 1000-1108 Westover Hills Blvd Richmond, VA 23225, USA - Forest View
    In the median between Westover Baptist Church and vacant lot is a sink hole that is getting deeper every day. The hole is now a hazard for pedestrians crossing the road and will affect traffic if the road caves in.
  • 1025 Taylor Ave Richmond, VA - Forest Hill Terrace
    Tan Honda Accord, lic JYE 6579, has been at end of alley (dead end of Dunston) for more than 1 yr. Front lic exp. 7/11; rear lic. exp. 12/12. Seems fishy...
  • 1512 West 45th St Richmond, Virginia - Forest Hill

    Three of the last four evenings, I noticed opossum on my lot acting strangely. The adjacent lot at 1512 is overgrown especially in the rear creating potential habitat for opossum, skunks, snakes, rats etc.

    Out of concern that such animals - especially those I've noticed in the last week - might have rabies, the overgrown vegetation and shrubbery needs pruning, downed tree limbs removed, inoperable lawn equipment removed, "weed" trees removed, and the grass maintained at levels appropriate for a residential neighborhood. Other neighbors have asked the owner to keep her property properly maintained with little lasting success. It appears the owner is now only a part-time resident of the property.

  • 603 Westover Hills Blvd Richmond, Virginia - Northrop
    Overflowing trash dumpsters - trash blowing all over streets and neighboring properties. This is a recurring problem at the apts.
  • 2508 Riverside Dr Richmond VA, VA - Woodland Heights
    Storm drain at front of property not draining properly. Currently water across both lanes, on sidewalk and in yard.
  • 812 W 29th St Richmond, VA - Woodland Heights
    In the upper alley behind the 800 block of W 29th St. there has been serious erosion. First there was a dumping issue and some debris was permitted to accumulate without my knowledge on the tree/hill side of the upper alley. The alley was muddy and eroded. The fence is broken down and there is now erosion on the hill, endangering a large tree and the stability of the slope. The erosion needs to be corrected, the fence repaired to prevent further damage, and the alley maintained better.
  • 400 West 24th St Richmond, VA - Swansboro
    Please investigate 400 West 24th St - property appears to be abandoned, but currently someone is inside and neighbors are concerned