Woodland Heights/Forest Hill

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Woodland Heights/Forest Hill

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  • Reedy And 47th Street Richmond, Virginia - Forest Hill Terrace

    Is there any way you could send someone out to landscape this overgrown roundabout?

    Thanks for your help!

  • 123 W 34th St Richmond, VA - Reedy Creek
    The woman who owns the (vacant) home next door to me is building a structure the size of a three car garage on her property and no building permit is displayed. The house is already a fire hazard, packed with boxes and junk from floor to ceiling,.. not to mention the feral cats and raccoons that have taken up residence. Six weeks ago, two dilapidated structures were torn down on the property, and construction started on this new structure Saturday, December 7 at 8 am. I want to ensure that construction is permitted and done correctly (with requisite inspections).
  • 4066 Forest Hill Ave Richmond, Virginia - Forest Hill Terrace
    The crosswalk light is not activated if pushed from South of Forest Hill Avenue to get across to the park.
  • 3711 Brookside Rd 23225 Richmond, VA - Reedy Creek
    Red Dodge sedan, license plate WWR 7180, has been parked on Brookside for some time. It has an inspection sticer dated 6/13.
  • West 34 & West 33rd Street Richmond, VA - Reedy Creek
    I was sent a message that my complaint was acknowledge but nothing has been done about it so far. The alley is still nasty , trash is in the alley, trash cans are left in the alley & tree branches are still sticking out scratching up your cars as you come through. When is something going to be done about this? If you look at the alley across from this alley, you will see a big difference.The house on the corner of the 200 block of west 33rd is a hazard for drivers, if you look you will see if you are making a left turn, you will have to inch all the way out to see. Do to the large amount of bushes that hang out. This is ridiculous! And unacceptable. Something neeeeeds to be done.
  • Forest Hill And Roanoke Sts. Richmond, Va. - Forest Hill Park
    Virtually impossible to cross Forest Hill to reach the park or cross from the park to reach commercial area. There are no pedestrian signals or crosswalks. Very dangerous for families with strollers, small children and the elderly. Have gotten no positive responses from traffic engineering.
  • Limbs hanging Archived
    1813 Woodbine Road Richmond, VA - Forest Hill
    Limbs hanging on phne and power lines
  • potholes Archived
    Midlothian Turnpike And Westover Hills Blvd Richmond, VA - Forest Hill
    Citizen reports that there are potholes on west bound side of midlothian turnpike on the over pass for westover hills blvd.
  • Riverside And 28th St Richmond, Virginia - Woodland Heights
    Three orange City work signs on corner of 28th and Riverside remain in grass from street work done over two weeks ago. Please come and remove.
  • 2204 Perry St Richmond, VA - Swansboro
    Across the street from 2204 perry st is an illegal dumping ground. There is a couch, tv, trash, and tires. It is very unsightly. This undeveloped land is a breeding ground for such activity.
  • 4605 Forest Hill Ave Richmond, VA - Forest Hill
    citizen states a piece of concrete has been dump in the alley
  • Corner Of Southcliff Rd And Riverside Dr. Richmond, Virginia - Forest Hill
    There is a tree limb down that is partially blocking Riverside Dr. It has also hit the stop sign.