University of California Physical Plant - Campus Services

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Daawashada arrimaha la abuuray kadib: 2012-06-30

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  • Tree Issue Archived
    Hearst Ave & Oxford St Berkeley, CA, 94709, USA - Berkeley
    The city owned / maintained rain garden / traffic island on the SE corner of Hearst and Oxford needs maintenance. There are weeds and dead brush collecting in the bike lane. Branches from the bushes are also growing into the bike lanes. UC Berkeley owns a loading zone / dock next to this and trucks pulling in/out cannot see bikes / cross-traffic when backing out.
  • Le Conte Ave & Arch St Berkeley, CA, 94709, USA - Berkeley
    The left turn signal from Hearst onto Arch is actuated by a car in that lane. Unfortunately 40% of the time I am stopped at the intersection the car at the front of the turning lane hasn’t pulled up enough to get the left turn signal. The driver usually assumes the signal is broken and turns in red endangering pedestrians and incoming drivers. The signal needs to be actuated from further back, cycled through automatically, or marked much better.
  • Grizzly Peak Blvd Berkeley, CA, 94720, USA - Panoramic Hill
    Lots of glass on the shoulder. Some is being spread to the road. This is in Oakland on Grizzly Peak.
  • Graffiti Archived
    2102–2198 Center St Berkeley 94704, United States - Berkeley
    Graffiti letters on a white fire hydrant that is at the intersection of Center Street and Oxford Street.
  • Pothole Archived
    Walnut At Berkeley Berkeley, California - Berkeley
    Walnut Street (Northbound) approaching Berkeley Way - potholes in street
  • Graffiti Archived
    2134 Oxford St Berkeley 94704, United States - Berkeley
    Graffiti that is all over a blue US Postal Service mailbox that is at the intersection of Oxford Street and Center Street.
  • Other Acknowledged
    2288 Fulton St Berkeley CA 94704, United States - Berkeley

    The entrance to the protected bikeway on southbound Oxford/Fulton north of Bancroft was resurfaced many months ago after a utility project, but the white lines and green bikeway markings have still not yet been replaced. In that time a new business has moved in at this corner, leading to many more cars parked at the red curb and blocking the bikeway. Additionally, the pavement through the intersection was dug up and replaced, obscuring some of the green bikeway and crosswalk markings.

    Please replace all of the lane lines and markings that were here previously, and add posts in the buffer space on Oxford/Fulton to help prevent drivers from stopping at the red curb area and blocking the bikeway.

  • Graffiti Archived
    Oxford At Addison Berkeley, California - Berkeley
    Grey utility box on center median of Oxford / Addison is tagged with graffiti
  • Other Archived
    Bancroft Way & Fulton St Berkeley CA 94704, USA - Berkeley
    sidewalk in front of U Cha is horribly dirty and smelly in need of pressure washing and cleaning
  • Scenic At Hearst Berkeley, California - Berkeley
    At the NW corner of the intersection of Scenic / Hearst there is a large pile of palm fronds and leaf litter. The rain water rushing downhill causes a pile to collect in the middle of the street.
  • 2594 Hearst Ave Berkeley 94720, United States - Berkeley
    This trash bin is overflowing very frequently. And it looks like people are illegally dumping trash next to it. The bin was overflowing on Sunday, as it often is. And there was trash placed around the sides of it. On Monday a.m. I went back and the trash bin had been emptied but there was still trash scattered around it. I saw that some of the stuff had the address of the fabulous illusion beauty Salon at 6105 shattuck. I have a neighbor who also has told me he thinks they’re the ones dumping there. I have reported illegal dumping and overflow trash there several times already. Maybe you can check to see if they have a regular schedule trash pick up for the shop?
  • Graffiti Archived
    2134 Oxford St Berkeley 94704 United States - Berkeley
    A graffiti sticker that is on a blue US Postal Service mailbox that is at the intersection of Oxford Street and Center Street.