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  • Pothole Archived
    Ridge Rd & La Loma Ave Berkeley, CA, 94709, USA - Berkeley
    Potholes on NE corner of Ridge & La Loma near sidewalk ADA ramp. Potholes noticeable when heading Westbound on Ridge making a right turn onto Northbound La Loma
  • La Loma Ave & Ridge Rd Berkeley, CA, 94709, USA - Berkeley
    There is an orange traffic advisory sign warning of road work ahead and a stand on the NE corner of La Loma & Ridge that has blown over and has been there for weeks. Public Works was doing road restriping a block away and the sign was probably forgotten by a crew.
  • Street Light Archived
    2730 Bancroft Way Berkeley, CA, 94704, USA - Berkeley
    Bancroft Way between Piedmont and College Ave all street lights are out. Pole #BA2722, #BA2727, and #BA2711 are out.
  • Pothole Archived
    Highland Pl & Ridge Rd Berkeley, CA, 94709, USA - Berkeley
    Potholes located in middle of intersection of Highland Place and Ridge Road. Street has also deteriorated enough that the crosswalk striping is completely gone now.
  • Graffiti Archived
    Arch St & Hearst Ave Berkeley, CA, 94709, USA - Berkeley
    Graffiti on traffic signal control box NW corner Arch & Hearst
  • Berkeley Way & Walnut St Berkeley, CA, 94704, USA - Berkeley
    There is almost zero visibility of cross traffic for vehicles / bikes headed Northbound on Walnut Street approaching Berkeley Way. This is due to construction fencing and tarps that create a blind corner. Cars on Berkeley Way have the right of way and do not need to stop. Transportation Division should put in a temporary stop sign for traffic on Berkeley Way until construction of the adjacent parcels is completed.
  • Hearst Ave & Arch St Berkeley, CA, 94709, USA - Berkeley
    NW corner Hearst & Arch - traffic signal bulb burned out - green phase facing WB Hearst Ave
  • Pothole Archived
    2200 University Ave Berkeley, CA 94704, USA - Berkeley
    missing cover for sewer or something that has left a large hole in the middle of the intersection of Oxford and University in the rightmost lane that is going south on Oxford.
  • Bus Shelter seats Acknowledged
    University Dr Berkeley, CA, 94720, USA - Berkeley
    I am using this means to request that you install some kind of seating in the UC Northgate (Hearst & Euclid Ave)bus shelter. It is heavily used, and especially older and handicapped people would benefit greatly. Thank you!
  • 2482-2498 Hearst Ave Berkeley, CA, 94709, USA - Berkeley

    The traffic signal on the SW corner of Hearst at Euclid (signal facing towards Westbound Hearst Ave) looks like it was clipped by a truck. The shielding around the yellow and green lights is mangled.

    This signal is located by the maintenance / delivery driveway for UC Berkeley so trucks often have to make a sharp right turn from Eastbound Hearst onto campus. Maybe bollards are needed to protect the signal from being hit / damaged.

  • Street Sign Acknowledged
    2323 Hearst Ave Berkeley, CA, 94709, USA - Berkeley

    The parking signage between 2323 Hearst Ave and the intersection with Scenic Ave is confusing. There is a painted yellow zone with no signage which I understand is only for commercial loading. Just a few feet away by the private school is an unpainted street curb with signage 'Loading Zone 8am-6pm 10 min'. Someone from the school said trucks are not supposed to park in the 'loading zone' and this should be for passenger loading only but the parking enforcement officer said it's a non-standard sign and didn't differentiate between passenger or truck loading. Around the corner on Scenic Ave there is another unpainted curb with signage stating 'Passenger Loading Zone' but not painted white.

    The City really needs to paint these zones white or have better signage if a loading zone is for truck loading vs passenger loading (yellow vs white curb).

  • 1764-1898 Arch St Berkeley, CA, 94709, USA - Berkeley
    The green light phase for Arch Street turning right at Hearst Ave turns green for a half second before turning yellow/red. A pedestrian was in the crosswalk so the car in front had to wait a moment for them to clear but by then the light had turned red forcing the cars to wait through a full cycle again.