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  • 2598 Ridge Rd. Berkeley, CA - Berkeley

    The address is on a steep incline and in wet weather the slickness of the sidewalk results in numerous slips and falls. (I have witnessed several and have slipped myself) Please note that opposite sidewalks across Ridge Road are older and the surface much more textured and pose much less of a hazard.

    There must be a 'post pour' treatment for such surfaces that would reduce falling risk to a very high density high usage walkway. Ideal to solve without creating unaccounted drainage issue.

  • Pothole Archived
    Euclid Walk Berkeley, CA 94709, USA - Berkeley
    Multiple large potholes in the middle of the street between Walnut and El Camille
  • 2220 Piedmont Ave Berkeley, CA 94720, USA - Berkeley
    Not one, but 2 broken sofas. Right across Mikva there are 3 mattresses.
  • Graffiti Archived
    1700-1878 Oxford St Berkeley, CA 94709, USA - Berkeley
    Graffiti that is all over a blue US Postal Service mailbox at that intersection of Virginia Street and Oxford Street.
  • Street Light Archived
    2123 Oxford St Berkeley 94720, United States - Berkeley
    Middle Street light stays on during the day
  • 2505 Hearst Ave Berkeley, California - Berkeley

    The speed feedback sign on Hearst Ave westbound approaching Euclid Ave does not seem to be working. It never displays the speed of moving cars even when speed limit of 25mph is exceeded.

    Note: previously on an old PW case there was an incorrect 35mph sign displayed below. The feedback sign may be calibrated to the old speed limit sign?

  • Other Acknowledged
    2227 Piedmont Ave Berkeley CA 94709, United States - Berkeley
    South side of Hearst St between Spruce and Arch, a number of the flex posts have been knocked down and need to be replaced to help keep drivers out there of the bike lane.
  • 2900-3090 Grizzly Peak Blvd Berkeley, CA 94705, USA - Panoramic Hill
    Dirt and rock landslide on Gryzetic Boulevard northbound lane has completely obstructed the shoulder, cover the white line and stretch out into the roadway. This presents a hazard for cyclist and cars. Please clean it up.
  • Bancroft Way & Fulton St Berkeley, CA, 94704, USA - Berkeley
    Traffic signal green phase in center median facing Northbound Fulton Street is burned out. Image borrowed from Google Maps. Note that service request can potentially be combined for another traffic signal repair at same intersection (#9038028).
  • University Ave & Oxford St Berkeley, CA, 94704, USA - Berkeley
    Green signal on SE corner of intersection is burned out- facing direction of Southbound Oxford Street
  • Street Sign Archived
    Dana At Bancroft Berkeley, California - Berkeley
    All the street signs for Dana and Bancroft were stolen at the intersection shortly after the new traffic signal was installed. The signs were installed too low to the ground and should be higher up.
  • Other Acknowledged
    Bancroft Way & Fulton St Berkeley, CA 94704, USA - Berkeley

    No one seems to be following the new prohibited left turn from Westbound Bancroft onto Fulton.

    Everyone including private, City, University, and EBMUD vehicles ignore the left turn prohibition.

    Maybe the traffic signal should be a green straight arrow and additional pavement striping is needed.