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City of Berkeley Council District 5

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  • The Alameda At Tacoma Berkeley, CA - Berkeley
    Potholes are along The Alameda, particularly a couple blocks north of Solano Avenue. There are several near the intersection with Tacoma Avenue.
  • Street Sign Archived
    2100–2118 Eunice St Berkeley 94709, United States - Berkeley
    This large bush partially obscures the stop sign. This has resulted in cars running through the stop sign as they come down Eunice.
  • 1831 Solano Avenue Berkeley, CA 94707, USA - Berkeley

    City code does not allow hanging banners like this. The orange light at night also looks horrible here.

    Way to go, Verizon.

    Thank you

  • Milvia Street At Rose Street Berkeley, California - Berkeley
    Bicyclists have to cross an uncontrolled intersection to travel on an established bicycle boulevard, creating a safety hazards for bicyclists and particular for students during morning and afternoon commute hours. Bicyclists are subject to high speed impacts. The intersection should probably be stop controlled for the safety of the cyclists Immediately, the city should high visibility crossing and lighted signage. The prior response to this issue by the city was inadequate, saying only, that they would consider this concern in a future bicycle planning process.
  • 1876-1880 San Pedro Ave Berkeley, CA - Berkeley
    The side walk on the south San Pedro Avenue, close to Laurel Lane & a bit east, are broken and uneven. The sidewalks were marked with paint by the city a year ago, yet they have not been replaced.
  • 1267-1269 Shattuck Ave Berkeley, CA, 94709, USA - Berkeley
    An individual has been camping in Live Oak Park for the past 6 months. Location is the Shattuck Street Bridge over Codornices Creek (SE corner). He camps at the sidewalk or, more often, on the other side of this wall. I have reported this repeatedly through the 311 system and City Manager; no action. Please correct. Camping in any City Park is a public nuisance.
  • Graffiti Archived
    1615 Solano Ave Berkeley, CA 94707, USA - Berkeley
    Graffiti that is on the side of a blue US Postal Service mailbox that is at the intersection of Solano Ave and Tacoma Ave.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    1307 Mcgee Ave Berkeley CA 94703, United States - Berkeley
    Encampment on residential street
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    1235 Walnut St Berkeley 94709, United States - Berkeley
    Someone has hidden their belongings in the bushes for at least 7 months. It’s hidden, so you’ll have to go into the bush to see how much stuff exists. Please remove.
  • 1235 Walnut St Berkeley 94709, United States - Berkeley
    Someone’s belongings have been dumped in the bushes for at least 2 months. It’s buried in the bushes by the entrance to live oak park on the walnut street side. Red bag, black suitcase, blue sleeping bag, gray bag. To the left of the park sign. You need to step inside the bushes to see the dumping. Please remove.
  • Other Archived
    1226 Shattuck Ave Berkeley 94709 United States - Berkeley
    Abandoned RV parked illegally in 2 hr zone across street from 1226 Shattuck
  • 1850 Solano Ave Berkeley, CA 94707, USA - Berkeley
    Could this be fixed or removed?