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Berkeley City Council District 6

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  • 2753 Shasta Rd Berkeley, CA, 94708, USA - Berkeley
    Three empty lots between 2753 and 2785 Shasta Road have had downed trees and overgrown vegetation for years. Wildfire fuel! Time to clean it up.
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    669 Euclid Ave Berkeley, CA 94708, USA - Berkeley
    City lot is overgrown. Needs to be trimmed.
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    Address Unavailable - Berkeley
    City property is overgrown and attracting illegal littering/dumping and drug use. It is unsafe for children and pets.
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    1201–1221 Euclid Ave Berkeley 94708, United States - Berkeley
    On the street, in the middle of the intersection at Eunice and Euclid, it looks like there is a growing pothole or sinkhole. Part of it is raised, part of it is sinking. It looks like something underneath the street (water pipes?) might be causing it. It has become a traffic hazard and continues to grow.
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    1101 Euclid Ave Berkeley 94708, United States - Berkeley
    Bret Harte Pathway between Euclid and Keith is in need of repair. It is missing concrete, and the railing has sunk and is wobbly. Some steps are broken and uneven.
  • 1611 Spruce Street Berkeley, California - Berkeley
    Cars coming down Spruce, crossing Cedar and continuing South to UCB are not only travelling over the legal speed limit but do not come to a full stop at the Spruce/Cedar intersection or the stop sign on Spruce/Virginia. While walking and driving, myself and my neighbors have experienced many near misses in the crosswalks at these intersections. This is not just happening in this neighborhood but all over Berkeley as there are no consequences anymore for not obeying the rules of the road. As a pedestrian and occasional car driver it feels like Berkeley is turning into a 3rd world city - where anything goes for drivers - including running red lights which happens all the time. The City of Berkeley needs to enforce the traffic laws.
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    686 Euclid Ave Berkeley, CA 94708, USA - Berkeley
    Overgrown city lot. Coyotes seen hiding in here at dusk. Please send landscaping crew.
  • 798 Creston Rd Berkeley, CA, 94708, USA - Berkeley
    single family home surrounded by trees and white wood fence
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    1197 Euclid Ave Berkeley, CA 94708, USA - Berkeley
    homeless person is harassing families with kids, coming close to them and yelling and throwing his hands up
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    145 Del Mar Ave Berkeley CA 94708, United States - Berkeley
    Large areas of broken pavement on the entire block of Del Mar between Glendale and Campus are a hazard to cyclists / bicycles Most of the downhill lane of this block needs repaving
  • Pothole Archived
    Grizzly Peak Blvd Berkeley, CA, 94708, USA - Berkeley
    On Grizzly Peak Blvd., about 0.75 miles north of South Park Drive, in the north-bound lane, there are two large potholes. If a cyclist, descending down Grizzly Peak Blvd., hits one of these potholes, he is going to fall off his bike and break a bone (at least) or possibly die (at worst).
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    1301–1311 Glendale Ave Berkeley CA 94708, United States - Berkeley
    This car is always parked several feet over the threshold into the street, posing a hazard to cars coming down the hill.