Berkeley District 6

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Berkeley City Council District 6

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  • 798 Creston Rd Berkeley, CA, 94708, USA - Berkeley
    single family home surrounded by trees and white wood fence
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    1161 Cragmont Ave Berkeley CA 94708, United States - Berkeley
    No blue reflector for fire hydrant
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    1301–1311 Glendale Ave Berkeley CA 94708, United States - Berkeley
    This car is always parked several feet over the threshold into the street, posing a hazard to cars coming down the hill.
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    686 Euclid Ave Berkeley, CA 94708, USA - Berkeley
    Overgrown city lot. Coyotes seen hiding in here at dusk. Please send landscaping crew.
  • 1849 Arch St Berkeley, CA, 94709, USA - Berkeley
    When lights at this intersection in both directions turn red to allow pedestrians to cross, walk lights only come on in one direction. If all lights are red, pedestrians should be alerted of all directions that are safe to cross even if they didn't push the button to ask for a walk signal.
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    Address Unavailable - Berkeley
    City property is overgrown and attracting illegal littering/dumping and drug use. It is unsafe for children and pets.
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    1406–1438 Euclid Ave Berkeley CA 94708, United States - Berkeley
    The red curb no parking zone at Hawthorne Terrace and Euclid on the northwest corner has faded and needs to be painted. Cars park there and block visibility so that cars approaching Euclid from Hawthorne Terrace cannot see on-coming cars going south on Euclid. It is very dangerous. There have been several near collisions.
  • Pothole Archived
    1371 La Loma Ave Berkeley CA 94708, United States - Berkeley
    There are widespread potholes and broken pavement on La Loma in this area uphill from Buena Vista. Probably 20-30 separate areas need patching or really the whole street should be repaved.
    I’m posting more than one request since on other streets, posting just once only resulted in the area in the photo being patched.
  • Pothole Archived
    90 Avenida Dr Berkeley CA 94708, United States - Berkeley
    There is a large area of broken pavement at the intersection of Fairlawn and Avenida, mostly on the southwest corner, that is a danger to those on bicycles A small part of this area was patched but many large potholes and cracks remain This is directly across from 91 Avenida Dr
  • Scenic At Cedar Berkeley, California - Berkeley
    Mattress dumped on sidewalk corner and leaning against signpost
  • 1560 Euclid Ave Berkeley, CA, 94708, USA - Berkeley
    This address continuously leaves their refuse containers out all week.
    This is the second notice, see Service Request ID: 121000868709
  • Pothole Archived
    1411 Glendale Ave Berkeley CA 94708, United States - Berkeley
    Large dip in the pavement and potholes near 1411 Glendale I hear car bumpers scrape the pavement here all the time This is not that easy to see at first as it's a big wide area that dips down