Berkeley District 2

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Berkeley City Council District 2

Notified About

  • 1305 Harmon St Berkeley, CA 94702, USA - North Oakland
  • Address Unavailable - North Oakland
    there's a shattered bottle in the street
  • 1332 Alcatraz Ave Emeryville, CA, 94608, USA - North Oakland
    An abandoned fridge. Corner of Baker Street and Alcatraz.
  • 1436 Derby St Berkeley 94702, United States - South Berkeley
    Bunch of wood framing dumped
  • Graffiti Archived
    1036 Ashby Ave Berkeley, CA 94710, USA - Berkeley
    graffiti on rain design building
  • Graffiti Archived
    Shellmound St & I-580 & I-80 Emeryville, CA 94608, USA - Berkeley
    Gang graffiti on both sides of railroad overpass as well as Arts Academy building nearby. Notify property owners to clean ASAP, and install deterrent to prevent future activities.
  • 2315 Curtis Street Berkeley, California - Berkeley
    Illegally build structure in the back of the property without following codes and restriction of building code.
    To close to the property line is one.
  • Other Issues Archived
    1217 Channing Way Berkeley, CA 94702, USA - Berkeley
    Dead possum
  • 2815 Wallace Street Berkeley, California - South Berkeley
    silver honda parked on street looks like it got into an accident, oil appears to be dripping onto street
  • 1414 Allston Way Berkeley CA 94702, United States - Berkeley
    Allston btw Acton and Sacramento
  • Street Light Archived
    2950-2998 9th Street Berkeley, CA 94710, USA - Berkeley
    The pedestrian walk sign is turned the wrong direction. At the corner of ashby and 9th. When crossing ashby the pedestrian sign looks to indicate it is safe to cross when it is not.
  • Mabel St & Burnett St Berkeley, CA, 94702, USA - South Berkeley
    There are "Vote Davila" messages painted on the sidewalk around San Pablo Park and along Russell St. (There are also "Vote Davila" messages written in chalk throughout the neighborhood.) Are candidates allowed to write campaign messages in paint on the public right of way?