Berkeley District 2

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Berkeley City Council District 2

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  • 2801 Stanton St Berkeley 94702, United States - South Berkeley
    This is actually on Oregon at the corner of Stanton, but there is no address. It looks like city of Berkeley youth sports lost this box with their items in it?
  • 2006 Ninth St Berkeley 94710, United States - Berkeley
    Human waste still there
  • 1340 Channing Way Berkeley, CA 94702, USA - Berkeley
    Container of unknown liquid dumped on south side of Channing Way, at intersection with Valley Street. not sure if it contains something hazardous or not. it's been sitting there for more than a week now.
  • Hydrant Archived
    2397 San Pablo Ave Berkeley, CA, 94702, USA - Berkeley
    Missing cap
  • 1517 Alcatraz Ave Berkeley 94703, United States - South Berkeley
    Mattress chair and trash
  • Pothole Archived
    235 University Ave Berkeley 94710, United States - Berkeley
    More than just a pothole - the entire road both directions is awful to drive on.
  • Graffiti Archived
    1128-1132 Channing Way Berkeley, CA 94702, USA - Berkeley
    On street sweeping sign on Channing
  • Graffiti Acknowledged
    3006 San Pablo Ave Berkeley, CA 94702, USA - Berkeley
    graffiti on planning sign on front of Heiroom furnishing storefront on Ashby. May be same building and owner as Discount fabrics.
  • 915–923 Dwight Way Berkeley CA 94710, United States - Berkeley
    Mattress and couch dumped
  • 2220 Byron St BERKELEY, CA - Berkeley
    A shopping cart full of cans and trash was left on Byron street on friday 8/24. Police were called who moved it to the sidewalk and left it there. We would like the cart taken away.
  • Graffiti Closed
    1101 Addison St Berkeley CA 94702, United States - Berkeley
  • Graffiti Archived
    2401-2411 Curtis St Berkeley, CA 94702, USA - Berkeley
    Back of stop sign at Channing and Curtis