Berkeley District 2

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Berkeley City Council District 2

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  • 920 Heinz Ave Berkeley 94710, United States - Berkeley
  • 80 Bolivar Dr Berkeley, CA 94710, USA - Berkeley
    overflowing trash at foot of Channing x Bolivar st
  • 1339 Allston Way Berkeley CA 94702, United States - Berkeley
    Mattresses dumped
  • 3327 California St Berkeley 94703, United States - North Oakland
    Mattress on corner
  • 2200-2218 9th St Berkeley, CA, 94710, USA - Berkeley
    Please tow away. Looks abandoned and has been there for weeks already, taking 3 or more parking spaces. Previous complains about this vehicle have been ignored and marked as 'resolved'.
  • 1260 Allston Way Berkeley 94702, United States - Berkeley
    Overflow garbage in Strawberry Creek Park, at south end of footbridge over creek.
  • 2527 San Pablo Ave Berkeley 94702, United States - South Berkeley
    Maybe hundreds of bags of what looks like dog poop tossed over the fence of a closed business. It smells and it’s a bio hazard to have that much poop just sitting around.
  • Traffic Signal Acknowledged
    990 University Ave Berkeley 94710, United States - Berkeley
    “Beg” button required to get walk signal. If hit right after light turns green, you have to wait and entire light cycle for the walk signal.
  • Other Archived
    2125 West St Berkeley 94702, United States - Berkeley
    There is a mattress from a homeless person partially hidden under the pedestrian bridge in Strawberry Park. Please remove it before it goes into the creek.
  • 1525 Harmon St Berkeley, CA 94703, USA - South Berkeley
    this building is constantly dumping stuff. the table top has been here for weeks, the other furniture just showed up. it is very frustrating
  • Other Archived
    2192–2198 West St Berkeley 94702, United States - Berkeley
  • 1340 Channing Way Berkeley, CA 94702, USA - Berkeley
    Pile of junk has been here for more than a week.