Berkeley District 2

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Berkeley City Council District 2

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    2925 Bolivar Dr Berkeley 94708, United States - Berkeley
    The curve in W Bolivar Dr north of Potter St really needs to have a double yellow center line painted, plus tactile reflectors or flex posts installed through the curve. Signage indicating a 15mph speed limit here, as well as speed humps, would be appropriate. The new asphalt here is great, but recently while walking or biking on Bolivar I’ve had southbound drivers coming from the boathouse cut this blind corner several times, sometimes at speed, putting them straight into oncoming traffic including the many bikers, dog walkers, and families that use this street as an alternate to the narrow and broken path on the east side of Aquatic Park. Just today a truck driver cut this corner right into my path, traveling around 25mph, and I had to swerve to avoid them. Please follow up on this request quickly to avoid anyone being hit.
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    80 Bolivar Dr Berkeley 94710, United States - Berkeley
    Loose railing with exposed screws on children's playground slide
  • 1255–1269 University Ave Berkeley 94702, United States - Berkeley
  • Graffiti Archived
    1128-1132 Channing Way Berkeley, CA 94702, USA - Berkeley
    On street sweeping sign on Channing
  • Street Sign Archived
    7th St & Dwight Cres Berkeley, CA, 94710, USA - Berkeley
    The stop sign and right turn only sign mounted on the concrete planter for 7th Street approaching Dwight Crescent are facing the wrong way. Signs should be facing towards Southbound 7th Street.
  • Address Unavailable - North Oakland
    there's a shattered bottle in the street
  • 1440 Fairview St Berkeley, CA, 94702, USA - South Berkeley
    There was illegal dumping in front of our house on the sidewalk and street. They have mail from outside of Oakland in there. Hopefully we can get some help taking this out to here.
  • 1436–1498 Oregon St Berkeley 94702, United States - South Berkeley
  • Graffiti Archived
    1112-1118 Channing Way Berkeley, CA 94702, USA - Berkeley
    On bicycle Boulevard sign and Pole
  • 1251 Carrison St Berkeley, California - South Berkeley
    The inhabitants of 1251 Carrison St emptied their basement out onto the curb. Furniture and trash piled high. It's loose trash blowing around and the pile is not very stable and could fall on someone. It's been there for 2 weeks and they just added more things to the pile.
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    2607 Seventh St Berkeley 94710, United States - Berkeley
  • 1347 Channing Way Berkeley, CA 94702, USA - Berkeley
    old sink dumped on the sidewalk of Channing way at Valley Street