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  • 602 Allengrove Street - Oak Lane
    600 block of Allengrove Street
  • 7920 Temple Rd Ave Philadelphia, PA 19138, USA - Oak Lane
    unplowed street which houses a dialysis patient. she needs to be able to get to her treatments
  • 1827 Plymouth St Philadelphia, PA 19126, USA - Oak Lane
    trash Pickup on Tuesdays for some reason my cat litter was not picked up, this is the first time I've had this issue
  • 7316 N 21st St Philadelphia, PA 19138, USA - Oak Lane
    On last thursday a sanitiation truck came down the 7300 block of 21st Street with the plow up and the street was never plowed!. there are several older persons living on this block and one has even fallen on the ice. This needs to be plowed or at least salted
  • 6300 Lawnton Ave Philadelphia, PA 19141, USA - Oak Lane
    This street needs to be plowed.
  • 521 W. 67th Ave Philadelphia, PA - Oak Lane
  • N 7th St And Oak Lane Ave Philadelphia, PA - Oak Lane
    This storm drain has been severely clogged, and is nearly closed. I tried calling PWD, and got only busy signals. When it rains, since there is only a sidewalk on one side of the street, you have to walk in the middle of the street due to the flooding by this storm drain. Things are growing out of it, and trash is collected in it, and it's not leveled right. Definitely needs some work, especially for any rains.
  • W Champlost Ave &6000 Limekiln Pike Philadelphia, PA - Oak Lane
    6 bags of trash on corner of 6000 Limekiln Pike &W Champlost Ave
  • 7th And Oak Ln Philadelphia, PA - Oak Lane
    Street Light at intersection not working properly
  • 7330 Pittville Ave Philadelphia, PA - Oak Lane
  • Oak Lane/ East Oak Lane Philadelphia, PA, USA - Oak Lane
    Potholes along Cheltenham ave from 5th street all the way up to Broad Street in both directions
  • 7000 Woolston Ave.19138 West Oak Lane Philadelphia, PA, USA - Oak Lane
    too real big potholes