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  • 5422 Shafter Oakland, California - Shafter
    There is a tree that is blocking the street light causing a very dark stretch of sidewalk. Last week there was a armed robbery in this stretch so the neighbors are eager t o get the tree trimmed. It's only a few branches that would need to be cut back.
  • 410 51st Street Oakland California - Shafter
    There is a large pile of debris on 51st Street between Shafter and Miles.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    Claremont Avenue And Hudson Oakland, California - Shafter
    For over half a year now a garbage pile continues to grow and expand on Claremont Avenue under the Highway 24 overpass near Hudson Street. I understand that this started out as a shopping cart of homeless possessions, but now it is truly just one big garbage dump that spans over half a city block. This is directly across from Frog Park where neighborhood kids like to play. I don't understand why the city allows this to grow and refuses to do anything about it (I know of multiple neighbors that continue to call about this on a regular basis with no response). More recently, the garbage pile includes multiple full Waste Management garbage bins that were taken from Rockridge residents. As a neighborhood resident that pays a monthly fee for garbage pick up, this doesn't make sense. Maybe we should all stop paying Waste Management and just haul our garbage over to Claremont Avenue and add it to the would save us a lot of money and it appears that the city is okay with this. Why can't we do better Oakland? Please respond and clean up this health hazard.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    475-499 Hudson Street Oakland, California - Shafter
    Someone has put up a structure and is living under the freeway across from FROG Park where children are always playing. I've seen needles, bags and open signs of drug use. He has filled almost the entire block on Claremont under the freeway adjacent to him with carts full of belongings/garbage.
  • 5341 B. Miles Ave Oakland, CA 94618, USA - Shafter
    The homeless encampments are starting to grow bigger along the creek in FROG Park. It's starting to become a health issue with bottles of urine and feces.
  • 5316 Shattuck Ave Oakland, California - Shafter
    Currently, there are no striped crosswalks on Shattuck between 51st & 55th streets. There is a large amount of pedestrian traffic crossing at 53rd & 54th streets but automobiles almost never stop for pedestrians. A pedestrian was recently hit by a car here and there have been many close calls. The city needs to add at least one additional striped crosswalk and pedestrian signage. The ideal location would be at the intersection of Shattuck & the 500 block of 54th Street as this seems to be the major crossing point for seniors going from the apartment complex on telegraph (driveways open to 53rd & 54th towards Shattuck) to the church on 54th daily.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    5457-5481 Claremont Ave Oakland, CA 94618, USA - Shafter
    One person is hoarding huge amounts of stuff here. Stolen items, garbage cans, garden tools. Etc
  • Locksley Ave Oakland, CA - Shafter
    There is a large pile of human feces and a large amount of toilet paper in the gutter on Locksley, near the empty lot on the corner or Locksley and Forest where homeless people have been sleeping. There is also human feces streaking the pillars in that empty lot.
  • 5559 Vicente Way Oakland, California - Shafter
    There is a large pile of debris and garbage next to an encampment on the Highway 24 eastbound exit at Claremont Avenue. This is in between Highway 24 and the offramp.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    5401-5417 Shafter Ave Oakland, CA 94618, USA - Shafter
    *** What is going on here?*** Why is nothing being done to remove this junk hoarded on a public street? No one is living here. It is all illegal dumping. A van or truck pulls up almost every day to add more junk. Many people have reported this why is nothing being done?
  • 590 52nd Street Oakland, California - Shafter
    The overgrown area between the drive-through coffeeshop and the highway has been turned into a hardcore hobo camp complete with tents and ornery inhabitants who beg, steal (probably), and act generally scuzzy all over temescal. There are frequently condoms and needles on the ground nearby and one must watch their step lest they get pricked. Please do something
  • Sidewalk Acknowledged
    Hudson Street And Claremont Avenue Oakland, California - Shafter
    A homeless camp has recently set up on the sidewalk of Hudson Street near the intersection of Claremont Avenue. This camp partially blocks the sidewalk where tax paying citizens line up for casual carpool rides into the city to go to work. It is also directly across the street from Frog Park where children go to play. It appears that the city of Oakland has already forfeited the Claremont Avenue off ramp to a permanent homeless camp and this appears to be the next step in homeless occupation of Frog Park and the surrounding area. This is not acceptable and should be addressed quickly before this camp also becomes a permanent fixture in the neighborhood.