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Minamanmanan ang mga isyu na ginawa pagkatapos: 2012-07-02

Napagbigyang-alam Tungkol

  • 5300 Claremont Ave Oakland 94618, United States - Shafter
    Illegal camping in Frog Park and huge pule of debris behind
  • 55th St Oakland 94609, United States - Shafter
    Quickly growing homeless encampment of one person with erratic behavior. Furniture, appliances, bicycles, mattresses, tents blocking sidewalk and going up the overpass embankment.
  • Ca-24 E Oakland, CA, 94618, USA - Shafter
    new tent village with massive debris building, stool, urine, vomit all around 2 blocks from a school.
  • 446-448 Hudson St Oakland, CA 94618, USA - Shafter
    Materials are blocking the sidewalk
  • Temescal - Oakland Farmers Market 5300 Claremont Avenue, Oakland, CA 94618, United States of America - Shafter
  • Other Archived
    5354 Claremont Ave Oakland, CA 94618, USA - Shafter
    Homeless man with bicycle is stepping on a bench in Frog Park almost every night, which is illegal. Bench is between the DMV and Clifton Street on the path.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    5457-5481 Claremont Ave Oakland, CA 94618, USA - Shafter
    The hoarder and his stuff have returned. City staff, please pick this garbage up and dispose of it.
  • Rockridge-Temescal Greenbelt 5500 Claremont Ave, Oakland, CA 94618, USA - Shafter
    homeless have been camping in the kids play structures, urinating etc. please clean this up.
  • 394 51st St Oakland, CA 94609, USA - Shafter
    Large volume of trash and illegally dumped materials on 51st street.
  • 531 55th Street Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Shafter
    Multiple large vehicles, bus, campers, RV's and a homeless encampment that is creating a ton of trash and debris. Are these vehicles registered? Everytime they move they leave behind piles of trash.
  • Claremont Ave Oakland 94618, United States - Shafter
    Tons of trash in Claremont under freeway across from Frog park
  • 485 Clifton Street Oakland, California - Shafter
    Illegal occupation of public park:
    There are at least 4 tents of homeless people occupying the pedestrian walk between the frog park and the DMV.
    Some are very aggressive and have dogs barking at everyone passing by, including families and nannies with kids.