Ridgedale Community Association

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Ridgedale Community Association

The Ridgedale Community Association serves the Ridgedale Community, a
neighborhood made of early 1900's homes and businesses built at the foot of Missionary Ridge in Chattanooga, Tennessee, between
the Historic Highland Park
and Missionary Ridge communities.


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  • 2211 Kirby Ave Chattanooga, TN 37404, USA - Ridgedale
    This house had renovations started on it years ago but it's been sitting like this forever. The bright red tin roof is not in keeping with the rest of the neighborhood (or the city), it's boarded up and it's been abandoned. Because no one is there, it is an easy place for crime. The basement opening in the back has been opened and is still open. This is potentially hazardous.
  • 2107 Bennett Avenue Chattanooga, TN - Ridgedale
    Various angle of day and night view from my home at 2107 Bennett Avenue look toward Kelly; 2109 Bennett trees and bushes is blocking my home from the view eyes.
  • 2112 Duncan Ave Chattanooga, TN - Ridgedale
    This foreclosure/house for sale has been left unattended for over a year. The yard is overgrown and the back door has been forced open.
  • Fallen Tree Archived
    2110 Duncan Ave Chattanooga, TN 37404, USA - Ridgedale
    This house for sale lost this tree during storms but no one has made any effort to cut it up.
  • 1214 Peachtree St Chattanooga, TN - Ridgedale

    The city of Chattanooga is only doing 2 sweeps of loose leaf collection for the entire season, according to one of it's 311 operators. And I've not seen one come through yet.

    Ridgedale, Oak Grove and Highland park have rotting piles of leaves on curbs and running into and clogging storm water drains because it's 8 weeks into the collection season and no trucks have yet to come through...


  • E.12th St Chattanooga, TN - Highland Park Neighborhood
    The stop sign on the corner of E. 12th and S. Willow is bent over nearly to the ground. It's in front of 2020 E. 12th St.
  • 2107 Bennett Avenue Chattanooga, TN - Ridgedale
    Lack of visibility from my front and back doors because of 2109 trees and hedges, my home has been broken into twice, I have reported this; four time this year 2012. This is a safety issues, the front trees have black berries on them and the sidewalk looks a mess, birds are taking the berries and the siding on my home have blueberries dropping on it.
  • 1408 S Watkins St Chattanooga, TN - Ridgedale

    This one is tied to the same line as is on Kelly St and when the Kelly St Manhole bubbles heavily, it sometimes backs all the way up to the Manhole on Watkins and 14th St

    This is called a CSO (combined sewer overflow) This is from older sewer systems being combined with stormwater drains. When it rains heavily, the sewer drains fill up and spill out into the road.

    Sewer water flooding into the streets. We need this fixed!!!

  • 2103 Bennett Ave Chattanooga, TN - Ridgedale

    This property has had a condemnation review by city inspectors and was recommended for condemnation in November, 2011. We live next door and have been to court 3 times to advocate improvement or demolition in a reasonable time. The current owner has owned the house for approximately 1 1/2 years and has made very little to no effort to put it in a livable condition.

    The condemnation hearing was supposed to have been held in January but for some reason unknown to me it was postponed to May. I have yet to be informed of the exact date. Now I find out that this dump has been sold again. Do we have to start all over again? This is ridiculous!!! I have pictures of the deplorable state of this property (inside and out) and will post them soon.

  • 1349 Woodward Ave Chattanooga, TN - Ridgedale

    There is an erosion control issue with water coming down a culvert off of missionary ridge.

    I don't know if it is something under construction or what, but streams are supposed to be running clear...

    This is the culvert that runs down underneath Woodward and then under Dodds, Peachtree, 14th, Buckley, Main, Watkins, Under East Side Elementary, Then alongside Kelly down to 23rd Street and on out to the Tennesse River right at the bend of Moccasin Bend?

    Back when it rained Heavily in SEPTEMBER of 2009 We reported this to the city. But the Erosion Still Happens.

    Can't someone look into this?

    Hear is from Woodward Avenue looking towards Missionary Ridge: