Merriam Park

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Citizens of St. Paul, Merriam Park, Hamiline, and Midway

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  • 1491 Selby Avenue Saint Paul, Minnesota - Merriam Park
    freeway offramps should not be in neighborhoods. connect Ayd Mill to I-94. Save union park before you add 300 more apartments. Here's lookin at you, Ryan Co.
  • Hamline And Marshall St Paul, MN - Merriam Park
    The traffic on Hamline has increased substantially with the light rail and other construction. But it will probably not subside much after construction is done. Hamline gets terribly backed up when someone needs to make a left hand turn onto Marshall
  • Traffic Signals Acknowledged
    84-86 Cleveland Avenue North Saint Paul Minnesota - Merriam Park
    The crosswalk on Cleveland Ave. and Ashland Ave. REALLY needs flashing pedestrian crosswalk signs. Cars rarely stop for students and neighbors trying to cross the street. Many of us have almost been hit.
    Once a car in one lane stopped for me and at least 4 cars in the other lane continued to drive through the crosswalk. I was in the road obviously starting to cross, finally she had to lay her horn down to get the other cars attention. It was really nice of her to help me out, but I think this could easily be fixed and much safer if a flashing sign was installed.
  • Pothole Archived
    121-139 Fairview Ave N St Paul, MN 55104, USA - Merriam Park
    Fairview Ave in Highland Park - Even driving down the middle of the road does not help, I am not sure if a hovercraft would help!
  • Interstate 94 St Paul, MN 55114, USA - Saint Anthony
    The whole stretch of 94 between Dale and 280 is pretty terrible, but the section near the westbound exit onto 280 is especially suspension-rattling.
  • Lexington Pkwy S St Paul, MN - Summit Hill
    There needs to be a left turn arrow at northbound Lexington Avenue at Grand Avenue. Traffic backs up for blocks during the rush hour and its dangerous for those turning.
  • 44 Cleveland Ave N St Paul, MN 55104, USA - Merriam Park
    Multiple cars are parked in the new bike lanes on Cleveland next to St. Thomas University. Please provide no-parking signs and enforce the policy against cars parking in these lanes.
  • 224 Fairview Avenue North Saint Paul, MN 55104, USA - Merriam Park
    No crosswalk lines
  • 300-396 Hamline Avenue North Saint Paul, MN 55104, USA - Merriam Park
    Dozens of massive potholes that are the size of craters where the road used to be. Both directions.
  • 234 Snelling Ave N Saint Paul, Minnesota - Merriam Park
    They installed bollards yesterday. Now vehicles are driving into oncoming EB traffic to get into Starbucks. Vehicles are using the bike lane to queue for the drive-thru. Vehicles are making dangerous u-turns at each end of the bollard line.
  • 2338 Marshall Ave Saint Paul, MN, 55104, USA - Merriam Park
    650LLU parked in bike lane
  • 636 Vandalia St St Paul, MN 55114, USA - Saint Anthony
    There are some excellent potholes on Vandalia and University, right down to the pavers and streetcar tracks.