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  • Traffic light Archived
    101-109 U.S. 46 Dover, NJ 07801, USA - Dover
    Since reopening of the ramps for Rt. 15 traffic has been horrible on Rt. 46. There are days when I am stuck in traffic before Dover General (east bound side). I know they are doing work on the bridge but there has to be something they can do to make the traffic a little more bareable. Maybe turn the right only lane at Pequannock St. back to a regular lane. Then at least 2 lanes of traffic would be able to go through the intersection after the light. This would also clear up some congestion for the people coming into 46 from the new 15 ramp.
  • 87 N Bergen St Dover, NJ 07801, USA - Dover
    at Bergen and 46, you really need two lanes at that light as you head home from Rockaway Mall. as i was coming home from work the other day, there was a line of cars way long! what's the use of having a left turn arrow if there's only one lane for cars?
  • Richards Avenue And Carrol Street Between Sammis - Dover
    There is uneven road coming from Shoprite on the back from Richards Avenue towards Sammis there are many potholes and uneven road wich can be a driving hazard
  • 11 Millbrook Ave Dover, NJ 07801, USA - Dover
    Intersection Should have traffic light or blinking signal and speed bumps added to slow traffic down.
  • 17 W Mcfarlan St Dover, NJ 07801, USA - Dover
    The left lane on the west bound side used to be a turn only lane but now it states "No Left Turn" on the traffic signal. There have been many cars still turning left there and making the traffic back up even worse. Please add MORE signs so people going west know not to turn left.
  • Myrtle Avenue Dover - Dover
    Road is so bumpy you have to crawl your car over the bumps. Needs to be repaved.
  • 15-65 S Morris St Dover, NJ 07801, USA - Dover
    Clear large pedestrain cross walks should be added to this rail road crossing in addition to improved lighting conditions, speed bumps and traffic lights. Pedestrian usually just walk rite in front of cars.
  • King Street Dover, New Jersey - Dover
    Reported from my mobile device
  • Bonnie View Drive morris county, n.j. - Dover
    Very large and numerous pot holes in roadway causing driving dangerous to car tires.
    Dead end sign bent down and covered with growing weeds being difficult to see.
    N.J.power and light pole # N.J 1125dv not connected as there is at least 25 feet of wire lying in HURD park apparently for some reason being not connected; as kids and people in park see which may be dangerous.
  • Bonnie View Drive DOVER, NJ 07801 - Dover
  • Chrystal St. - Dover
    Three huge pot holes on Chrystal St. My car bottomed out on all of them.
  • pot hole Archived
    Leonard St Dover, NJ - Dover
    right at the end of leonard where it meets rt 15 there is a pot hole that has been there for about 2 years.