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This area represents the 2012 boundaries for the 2nd District City Councilman

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  • 300 W. Clay St Richmond, Virginia - Jackson Ward
    Abner Clay Park, a city park with a playground, is located at Clay and Brook Rd, a complex interaction with a Four-Way stop sign. Blooming Child Petite Academy, a daycare facility, is located at 300 W. Clay St. Because of these two facilities, there are often small children near the street, crossing Brook Rd., and playing in the park. Twice last week, I was almost hit with my 20 month old son crossing Clay or Brook by cars driving above the speed limit or driving through one of the stop signs without coming to a complete stop. Please consider adding a "Children Playing" sign to alert drivers to the presence of the city park and daycare center.
  • 9 N. Mulberry Street/11 N. Mulberry St. Richmond, VA - The Fan
    Two large, overgrown trees are located outside of 9 N. Mulberry St. and 11 N. Mulberry St. These trees have long dead branches that hang over my property and pose a threat during storms. More importantly, the roots of the tree in front of 11 N. Mulberry are causing the sidewalk and front yard to buckle, therefore, causing damage. The trees should be removed or at least trimmed so that the large branches aren't hanging over my home.
  • Potholes Archived
    Boulevard Road Richmond va - Rosedale

    Getting off of i-95 south onto Boulevard is not a fun experience.

    This exit ramp has several major sections that appear to have lost many inches of pavement.

    It is an extremely rough section of road that is traveled by many every day. I know my car is no happy with this section of road and you have to be ready for it or it will send you skipping across the lane!!!

  • 1700 Monument Ave Richmond, VA 23220, USA - The Fan
    Larger signs are needed to make traffic yield at the monument. Cars travel too fast down Monument Ave at this intersection. Two pedestrians were hit and injured yesterday while trying to cross the street. A crossing guard is needed for Orchard House School on Allen Ave.
  • Numerous Potholes Acknowledged
    2901-2907 W Moore St Richmond VA 23230, USA - Scott's Addition
    Numerous large potholes in the busy alley behind Boulevard Burgers and Brew. This is also the storefront of Ironclad Coffee Roasters. Please fix on behalf of the business owners and the Scott's Addition Boulevard Association.
  • 2917 West Grace St Richmond, VA - The Museum District
    There have been feral cats allowed to come and go as they please, via a cat door in the back of the house, for the last two years I have been living on this street. Up to 15 at times. The home is owned, but unoccupied. The owner comes by sporadically and dumps cat food into bowls in the back yard and leaves opend canned cat food laying about as well. The smell (especially during the hotter days) is foul to the point where I am unable to enjoy my own front porch. I can only imagine the state of the interior, as the exterior is overrun with weeds and the garden has become a litterbox.
  • tree removal Archived
    1802 Elmsmere Avenue richmond, VA - Rosedale
    I'd like the tree that is on City property in front of my house removed, please. It is leaning towards my house, and its branches are in the power lines. Tree is currently alive but am worried it might not survive another big storm without hitting my house. Thanks.
  • 308 North Adams Street Richmond, Virginia - Jackson Ward
    Content blocked by rejections
  • 410 Hancock Street Richmond , VA - Carver
    Behind the property there are 4 car size pot holes that are popping tires and bottoming out cars.
  • 515 W Franklin St Richmond, VA - Monroe Ward

    As you can see from this Google Street View photo:


    There used to be a 'NO PARKING FROM HERE UNTIL CORNER' sign next to that tree on W. Franklin St -- the point of this was to prevent people turning onto W Franklin from N Henry (or crossing W Franklin) from having to make a blind turn.

    A few months ago, the 'NO PARKING FROM HERE UNTIL CORNER' sign was removed. Even before then, some people would still park at that corner.

    Whenever there are cars parked there (two of them will fit), it forces anyone on N Henry to blindly make that turn or cross the street. Because of the layout of the parking garage, EVERY TENANT of Park Plaza at Belvidere is forced to make that blind turn if people are parked there.

    It's extremely unsafe, and the 'NO PARKING FROM HERE UNTIL CORNER' sign should be put back and strictly enforced. 2 extra parking spaces isn't worth a traffic hazard.

  • Alley needs gravel Acknowledged
    2201 Hanover Ave Richmond, VA 23220, USA - The Fan
    Alley behind houses 2201-2209 on Hanover avenue is in desperate need of gravel. Alley turns into mud pit when it rains. I am scared to drive my car to park behind house as it may get stuck.
  • Monroe Park Richmond, VA - Vcu

    While local activists have taken up the cause of public outcry over this most recent piece of VCU branding illegally erected on city property within Monroe Park, it is in fact a code enforcement issue and needs to dealt with immediately (and vocally) by the city.

    Since code enforcement is not 'category' option, I assume this posting will not be moved, reassigned, or removed, but dealt with and commented on by the city.