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Central Little Rock, Argenta North Little Rock, and Hwy 365 to Mayflower AR

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  • Eye Sore Archived
    3601-3799 N Gum St North Little Rock, AR 72118, USA - North Little Rock
    The yellow building on the corner used to be a store years ago but now it is a run down building that brings down property value. It also is damaged with graffiti rodent (raccoon, rats, and cats), broken glass, etc. If you look through the broken window there is a old old car in it. Plus drugs activity
  • 10628 W Markham St Little Rock, AR 72211, USA - West Markham
    The traffic lane markings east of the Markham and Shackelford intersection are nearly invisible in the rain. Can these please be restriped?
  • 11245 Anderson Drive Little Rock, AR 72212, United States of America - River Mountain
  • 1714-1724 Main St North Little Rock, AR 72114, USA - North Little Rock
    Roadwork needed on Main Street mainly between 16th-19th Street. Major potholes.
  • 500-698 Pleasant Valley Dr Little Rock, AR 72227, USA - Reservoir
    Potholes noted in southbound lane of Pleasant Valley Drive, one close to intersection of Kings Arms Rd and one right before I430 overpass
  • Rodney Parham And Breckenridge - West Markham
    At Rodney Parham and Breckenridge,the exit signs coming from McDonalds indicate no left turn.The painted no left turn on there property is so faded no notices.Traffic going east or west onto Breckenridge at the first McDonald's exit cars cars are turning into it because there is no posting,but it clearly should not be and entrance.I have had many near misses with vehicles trying to enter there.
  • 12240 Rivercrest Dr Little Rock, AR 72212, USA - River Mountain
    Street light comes on then gets dimmer until it completely goes out. It comes back on and goes through the same cycle continually.
  • 601-613 Gillette Dr Little Rock, AR 72205, USA - Midtown
    Van Lee and Louwanda are being used as a cut-through from Rodney Parham for cars to get to Evergreen and Mississippi. Vehicles using this cut-through are usually speeding through the Leawood neighborhood, which makes it unsafe for pedestrians. Louwanda and Van Lee do not have sidewalks or a speed bump and it is dangerous when walking or biking due to the cut-through traffic. The traffic is especially heavy during the school year when parents cuts through the neighborhood to go to work and take their childern to schools located in the Hillcrest area. Based on the design of the S curve from Van Lee to Louwand it is evident that Van Lee was never intended to provide a cut-through to Louwanda and the Leawood neighborhood. This cut-through should be closed to provide Leawood residents a safe area to walk and ride bicycles.
  • 2820 Cantrell Rd Little Rock, AR 72202, USA - Little Rock
    2ft pot hole in center of road
  • 7699 Rebsamen Park Rd Little Rock, AR 72207, USA - North Little Rock
    I walk often at the Big Dam Bridge, and I have noticed several instances of what appears to be gang graffiti on the bridge. It is on a post on the bridge, and one one of the informational signs on the bridge.
  • Pothole! Archived
    6587-6599 Perryville Rd Little Rock, AR 72207, USA - Little Rock
    There's a pothole in the eastbound lane at this locations near the intersection of Perrryville and Cantrell Rd.
  • 6631-6799 W Markham St Little Rock, AR 72205, USA - Midtown
    There's a big pothole near the curb and it's hard to see when it's dark. I ran through it twice before I started paying closer attention. Please fix it!