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Daawashada arrimaha la abuuray kadib: 2012-07-25


Wax Laga Ogaysiiyey

  • 404 S Kentucky Ave Mason City, IA - Mason City
    front gutters about to fall off house, front railings are broken and about to fall down, has been like this for several weeks
  • 108 5th N.E Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    Boat & trailer has been parked by the garage for years.
  • RVs Archived
    1432 S Wilson Ave Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    There are people living in 2 campers on each side of home and they appear to violate city code as to placement on their property
  • 908 10th St Ne Mason City, IA - Mason City
    Read in the Globe Gazette that the city is planning "an enforcement sweep" for violators of city ordinance governing the keeping of campers in residential neighborhoods. Reading past articles in the Globe Gazette it seems to me that this camper does not meet the 5 foot ordinance from the property line. Please forward this to City Administrator Brent Trout to add this to the "enforcement sweep". Thank You
  • Corner Of 18th St. & So. Wilson Ave. Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    This is getting old! He never mows the grass unless the land owner is notified of the violation & garbage is pilling up by the garage!
  • 211 28th St Sw - Mason City
    Tree in back alley is dead. Leaning. Scared it's gonna fall on kids.... i told my landlord he said let it fall
  • 405 15st Nw Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    grass & weeds are way ove a foot high has not been mowed in 3 mths, also a real bad smell comming from house ,garbage stacked on porch... also possably dead dog.
  • 1808 South Taft Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    the resident at 1808 S. Taft holds a garage sale every thurs-sun. I believe you are limited to one garage sale a month otherwise it is considered running a business out of your home. In between sales the "merchandise" is kept tarped and sitting in the driveway
  • 523 S Adams Ave Mason City, IA - Mason City
    house looks like it is in terrible condition
  • Junk Archived
    2319-20th St. S.W. Mason City, IA - Mason City
    Lots of junk, rubbish, and refuse laying out all over yard and up by house. Also a vehicle has been sitting by shed (next to alley)
    that has not been driven for quite some time. There have been reports of domestic situations to the M. C. Police and possible drug activity reported to Task Force. Lots of traffic in and out at all hours. This family is very "rough and tough" and scares all neighbors.
  • 717 S Carolina Ave Mason City, IA, 50401, USA - Mason City
    Front of home has started to collapse in. Large hole is visible from road.
  • parking Archived
    407 15th St Nw Mason City, IA - Mason City
    a white buick or a white ford truck are always parked on right of way and sometimes i cant walk down the sidewalk. this always is in the evening and weekends , neighbors have ask them to move this but they are rude and say they can and will park where they feel like.