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Daawashada arrimaha la abuuray kadib: 2012-07-25


Wax Laga Ogaysiiyey

  • Garbage Archived
    242 14th St Se Mason City, IA 50401, USA - Mason City
    Slumlord refuses to pick up all of the trash left behind by the last tenants. Tenants moved out about 2 weeks ago.
  • North President - Mason City
  • 108 5th N.E Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    Boat & trailer has been parked by the garage for years.
  • 2820 16th St Sw - Mason City
    Starting to pile up again.
  • RVs Archived
    1432 S Wilson Ave Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    There are people living in 2 campers on each side of home and they appear to violate city code as to placement on their property
  • 119 12th St Nw Mason City, IA - Mason City
    old back of pickup truck being used as a trailer full of junk in driveway
  • 1428 N Monroe - Mason City
    Second time this year that I've had to report this. Only trimmed once all year.
  • 10 N Madison Ave Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    Back window open with ladder up to it, for about 3 years now. Tall grass/weeds/yard waste in back, hiding large garbage in weeds. Back door has seen left open on and off.
  • 615 S Van Buren Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    Large amounts of debris and rubbish
  • Nasty house Archived
    926 15th St Ne Mason City, IA - Mason City
    Grass is well over 12 inches. House has mice running out of house and garage and house smells.
  • grass Archived
    316 15th St Nw Mason City, IA - Mason City
    Owner refuses to mow down tall grass and weeds on ally right away down his fence line.
  • 24-30 Concord Ln Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    My neighbor has a LARGE area of standing water in front of his driveway. It's about 2-3 inches deep all spring, summer, and fall. Bug infested, slimy, slippery, gross. Result of sunken cement.