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Wax Laga Ogaysiiyey

  • 108 5th Ne Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
  • 1808 South Taft Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    the resident at 1808 S. Taft holds a garage sale every thurs-sun. I believe you are limited to one garage sale a month otherwise it is considered running a business out of your home. In between sales the "merchandise" is kept tarped and sitting in the driveway
  • North President - Mason City
  • 405 15st Nw Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    grass & weeds are way ove a foot high has not been mowed in 3 mths, also a real bad smell comming from house ,garbage stacked on porch... also possably dead dog.
  • 609 4th St Ne Mason City, IA - Mason City
    garbage in yard
  • 1025 Fillmore Ave North Mason City, Iowa - Mason City

    This is the 5th time I have reported this. This renter continues to park two cars in the first level yard on the front lawn. There is plenty of street parking and room to park in back of the house.

    It is against city code to park on the first level. When are you going to enforce the code? This has gone on for years now.

  • Graffiti Archived
    505 N Delaware Ave Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    The word "@#$%" and "Fukc" are spray painted on the 2nd story wall of this house.
  • 523 S Adams Ave Mason City, IA - Mason City
    house looks like it is in terrible condition
  • Other Archived
    150 North Crescent Drive Mason City, IA 50401, USA - Mason City
    Does this need to be fixed?
  • 920 10th St Ne Mason City, IA - Mason City
    garbage in driveway, garbage to the west of the driveway, garbage in front yard, and a garbage can tipped over on the back porch with garbage coming out of it
  • 964 1st St. S.E. Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    Home made privacy fence made from tarps designed to conceal junk in side and back yard. Numerous bicycles, grills, tents, ice house, several motor cycles, 3 boats, 15 passenger school bus, lawn mowers, snow blowers, boat motors, lawn tools, hand tools, inoperable motor vehicle, trailers, construction material and other collectibles.
  • 946 1st St Se Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    A junk, inoperable car has not moved in months. The attached two wheel trailer has also been parked in an area that encroaches in a public right of way. These vehicles present a safety hazard to traffic, pedestrians and emergency vehicles.