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Daawashada arrimaha la abuuray kadib: 2012-07-25


Wax Laga Ogaysiiyey

  • 516 North Deleware Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    This area looks like a ghetto
  • Garbage Archived
    920 10th St Ne Mason City, IA - Mason City
    There is a garbage can full of garbage with no lid on it that has been on their back porch the last two weekends along with a garbage sack next to it and they are still there. Today is Monday, garbage day, and the garbage has been picked up, but they never took out their garbage. This garbage is also spilling over to the neighbor's yard to their west. The children also have been playing with this garbage. The city needs to clean up their garbage from their yard and all the neighbor's yards once a week and bill them on a weekly basis.
  • 222 S Pierce Ave Mason City, IA 50401, USA - Mason City
    The old nursing home needs mowing
  • North President - Mason City
  • 405 15st Nw Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    grass & weeds are way ove a foot high has not been mowed in 3 mths, also a real bad smell comming from house ,garbage stacked on porch... also possably dead dog.
  • 1003 Park Ln Mason City, IA - Mason City
    back half of pickup truck full of junk with junk laying around it
  • 404 S Kentucky Ave Mason City, IA - Mason City
    front gutters about to fall off house, front railings are broken and about to fall down, has been like this for several weeks
  • Other Archived
    150 North Crescent Drive Mason City, IA 50401, USA - Mason City
    Does this need to be fixed?
  • 1808 South Taft Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    the resident at 1808 S. Taft holds a garage sale every thurs-sun. I believe you are limited to one garage sale a month otherwise it is considered running a business out of your home. In between sales the "merchandise" is kept tarped and sitting in the driveway
  • Graffiti Archived
    505 N Delaware Ave Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    The word "@#$%" and "Fukc" are spray painted on the 2nd story wall of this house.
  • Corner Lot At 18th S.W. & So. Wilson Ave. Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    Grass is a foot tall again, junk in the yard, car in yard no plates and has a flat tire!
  • 222 South Pierce Avenue Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    The yard is poor shape and owner is throwing grass out in to the street. Hedge has broken branches that need to be maintained. Pile of dirt and other materials on the property.