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  • potholes Archived
    3403 Bates St Pittsburgh, PA 15213 - South Oakland
    large potholes on Bates just north of intersection with Blvd of Allies
  • Pittsburgh, PA - California-Kirkbride
    Bottom of Marshall Avenue, before ramp up to Rt. 65 (Route 19 lane) all potholes.
  • W North Ave Pittsburgh / Allegheny, PA - Central Northside
    This whole stretch of W. North Avenue from Cedar to Brighton Rd is very rough and in need of paving badly.
  • 470 Woodruff St Pittsburgh, PA 15211 - Mount Washington
    There's a series of potholes on Woodruff near the bottom of the hill 100 yards on both sides of the Woodruff & Wabash Tunnell intersection. Cars have been swerving all over the lanes, especially heading outbound.
  • W Warrington Ave Pittsburgh, PA - Mount Washington
    The entire section from estella to Bobggston is covered with potholes. Without question this is the worst section in all of Pittsburgh! Please fix it asap!
  • 18 Haberman Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15211 - Mount Washington
    There is new graffiti on the side of this house. It was recently painted and then re-tagged by some bad graffiti artists.
  • The Whole City pittsburgh, PA - Shadyside
    i have a 4 x 4 that is built for offroad and the roads around here have destroyed my front end.
  • 98 Estella Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15211 - Mount Washington
    the owner of the property abandoned and moved away and left the house to be destroyed by drug addicts.
  • 224 Kearsarge St Pittsburgh, PA 15211, USA - Mount Washington
    Constantly kids doing drugs and vandalizing an abandoned house on Kearsarge.
  • 2449 Saw Mill Run Blvd Pittsburgh, PA - Overbrook
    SR 0088/SR 0051, when is PennDOT going to actually fix this intersection? Why can't SR 0051 flyover SR 0088?
  • 2701-2799 Shady Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15217, USA - Squirrel Hill South
    There is a deep pothole on Shady Ave at Sunapee Way (between Forward & Morrowfield, near Taylor Alderdice). It is so deep that my car shakes violently while I drive over it at normal speed. Many cars familiar with the pothole swerve to the other side of the road (into oncoming traffic) to avoid it! Also, it is so loud that I can hear unsuspecting car drivers go over it while I'm in bed!! If not for my sanity, please do it to reduce the risk of car wreck for those swerving into oncoming traffic on this commonly used city road.
  • Huge PotHole Archived
    4924-4998 Wallingford St Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA - Shadyside
    Morewood St between Winchester Thurston and Centre Ave - Huge