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  • Panther Hollow Rd Pittsburgh, PA - Squirrel Hill South
    Panther Hollow Rd make rt. from Greenfild rd go towards Blvd. of the Allies. This road FILLED with holes. Must ride in other lane to avoid potholes.
  • 1261 Banksville Rd Pittsburgh, PA 15216 - Beechview
    Crane ave from Banksville Road is a mess in spots from Banksville road to Route 51. Road needs paved most of the way. In the summer the weeds on the side of the road grow out over the road causing people to go over the center line along with the ruts causing the behavior.
  • Crane Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15216 - Beechview
    as you are coming to the top of the hill the whole roadway is polluted with potholes.
  • Fierro Way - Crafton Heights
    An on going problem with potholes and edge of road breaking the center has humped up! Now that makes the underneath of cars drag on the road which will mean the cars are getting damaged.
  • potholes Archived
    3619 Blvd Of The Allies Pittsburgh, PA 15213 - South Oakland
    potholes outbound Blvd. of Allies between Bates St. and Parkview Ave.
  • 439 Cedarville St Pittsburgh, PA 15224 - Bloomfield
    a lot of cracks with potholes been trying for years to get it repaved the did the 200 block but not the 400 block please repave
  • Melville Way Pittsburgh, PA - Lower Lawrenceville
  • POTHOLES!!! Archived
    3713 Foster St Pittsburgh, PA 15201 - Lower Lawrenceville
  • HUGE POTHOLES Archived
    814 S Braddock Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15221, USA - Regent Square
    HUGE POTHOLES on s. braddock Frick Park side
  • 6608 5th Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15206, USA - Point Breeze
    A deep pothole in the right hand lane heading south on Fifth Avenue near intersection of Beechwood and Fifth Ave. It seems to be around a manhole cover.
  • 1833 Pioneer Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15226, USA - Brookline
    Is about 2 ft wide and a foot deep. People swerving to miss could cause accident near the bus stop (PAT and school bus stop area)
  • 3340 Ridgway St Pittsburgh, PA 15213 - Polish Hill
    Ridgeway street starting at the bloomfield bridge entrance all the way to Herron ave is in desperate need or repair. There are so many potholes that I can't even give you a direct address. I live at 3317 Ridgeway and we have dips and holes that cars literally crack down when they hit. You can't avoid them because you just hit another. Please resurface our street it needs it badly. Our cars are being torn up on our street. Thank you so much for your consideration on this matter. From, Janet Blank