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  • Potholes Archived
    761 Chautauqua Ct Pittsburgh, PA 15214, USA - Perry South
    Utterly ridiculous!!! Streets riddled with potholes that are never, ever reapired, patched or covered. I have lived here for 3 years and none of the streets have been repaired. Who do you need to know? How can we get our streets repaired?
  • 1501-1645 California Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15212, USA - Manchester
  • 68 Dahlem St Pittsburgh, PA 15206 - Larimer
    This is almost like a speed bump! Help please (this past the underpass on East Liberty Blvd as you approch Penn ave.
  • POTHOLE!!!! Archived
  • 5814-5816 Interboro Ave West Mifflin, PA 15207, USA - Pittsburgh
    has been here since the winter and grows every day! such an inconvience. right by the church of nazarene on the top interboro. PLEASE FIX!
  • 2800 Centre Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA - Middle Hill
    It's narrow and almost a foot deep. I hit it around 11pm on a saturday. I'm pretty sure the body of my car slammed into the ground and all screws came loose in the entire 2009 vehicle. Wasn't the last snow fall long enough ago to get the patching on main roads done?
  • 322 N Braddock Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15208 - Point Breeze North
    As it it,s hard to get out into the often busy traffic of Penn Ave. from Pitt. St. But there is also a Sinkhole on the corner slowing your process and i for one Think that the combination of the two can be very dangerious.
  • 2300 2nd Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA - Bluff
    No markings, no signs. Extremely unsafe when people are passing simultaneously in each direction. Numerous Pot Holes as well.
  • P J Mcardle Roadway Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA - Pittsburgh
    most of the section between Arlington ave and 8th st is covered in potholes. the worst section is the train bridge. there are 50+ potholes in 20 ft stretch. road has been closed twice for months at a time in past 3 years yet it remains the worst section of road in the county. i've been on dirt roads that were smoother!
  • W Sycamore St Pittsburgh PA - North Shore
    the whorainle street it self gets washed away every
  • Mauch St Pittsburgh, PA 15212, USA - Spring Garden
    Big pothole opening up at bottom of hill that the city needs to fix and 2 big potholes at the top of the hill before the bend that reserve township needs to fix
  • Burson Way behind garage of 332 Boggs Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15211 - Mount Washington
    street light burned out behind our house, in Burson Way. smoking teenagers and graffiti are a problem in this alley. we need the light back