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Community resident, PCRG test.

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  • 1179-1339 Damas St Pittsburgh, PA 15212, USA - Spring Hill-City View
    There are quite a few potholes here.
  • 1501-1615 Homer St Pittsburgh, PA 15212, USA - Spring Hill-City View
    About half of Homer Street is potholes
  • 351 E Warrington Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15210 - Beltzhoover
    E Warrington Ave. is DESTROYED where the T tracks run between South Hills Junction (Warrington/ Haberman) and the intersection at Warrington/ Beltzhoover. Very bad in area in front of Warrington Rec Center. Have actually damaged my car here- bone-jarring in the extreme.
  • 243 W Burgess St Pittsburgh, PA 15214 - Perry South
    Pothole in middle of W. Burgess Street
  • potholes Archived
    174 Tipton St Pittsburgh, PA 15207 - Hazelwood
    pretty small but deep potholes on this road in the section b/w second avenue and glenwood ave.
  • 49 Bates St Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA - South Oakland
    Traffic backs on to Parkway very quickly.
  • 101 Biddle Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15221, USA - Regent Square
    There are two deep potholes on the block of Biddle Ave. between Braddock and East End