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  • potholes Archived
    3619 Blvd Of The Allies Pittsburgh, PA 15213 - South Oakland
    potholes outbound Blvd. of Allies between Bates St. and Parkview Ave.
  • pothole Open
    609 Ivy St Pittsburgh, PA 15232, USA - Shadyside
    As soon as you turn onto Ivy from Ellsworth, there is a giant pothole taking up 2/3 of the middle of the road. It is fairly deep. Plus there is a school right there.
  • Greenfield Bridge Pittsburgh, PA 15207, USA - Greenfield
    The bridge over the parkway from Schenley Park into Greenfield has a deep pothole that is impossible to avoid.
  • Crane Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15216 - Beechview
    as you are coming to the top of the hill the whole roadway is polluted with potholes.
  • POTHOLES!!! Archived
    3713 Foster St Pittsburgh, PA 15201 - Lower Lawrenceville
  • Melville Way Pittsburgh, PA - Lower Lawrenceville
  • 439 Cedarville St Pittsburgh, PA 15224 - Bloomfield
    a lot of cracks with potholes been trying for years to get it repaved the did the 200 block but not the 400 block please repave
  • HUGE POTHOLES Archived
    814 S Braddock Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15221, USA - Regent Square
    HUGE POTHOLES on s. braddock Frick Park side
  • Fierro Way - Crafton Heights
    An on going problem with potholes and edge of road breaking the center has humped up! Now that makes the underneath of cars drag on the road which will mean the cars are getting damaged.
  • 738 Municipal St Pittsburgh, PA 15204 - Crafton Heights
    Only one car can come up this part of the road at a time. Too big for 2 cars to pass each other.
  • 1918 Chislett St Pittsburgh, PA 15206, USA - Morningside
  • 1172 Nnewhampshire Dr Pittsburgh, PA 15212 - Marshall-Shadeland
    ramp inbound is like the ho chi min trail one deep pothole after another