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  • 5521 Beverly Pl Pittsburgh, PA 15206 - Highland Park
    Our road isn't very long but it is completely covered by potholes. I hate driving up and down it. It must be causing damage to any car that drives on it.
  • fixed
  • Massive Hole Archived
    800 N Highland Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15206, USA - East Liberty
    On N. Highland Ave--right where Stanton crosses over Highland. A huge rectangular pothole, close to the seminary housing. Drivers have to veer into oncoming traffic in order to avoid this dangerous hole! Please fix!
  • 1375 Heberton St Pittsburgh, PA 15206, USA - Highland Park

    Traffic traveling southbound on Farmhouse Dr. do not have a stop sign or even a yield before turning onto Heberton (there is a stop sign if turning onto Farmhouse from Heberton). This is dangerous for the following reasons:
    1) Southbound on Farmhouse Dr is a steep downhill so cars tend to be driving quickly by the time they reach Heberton. They additionally accelerate to climb Heberton.
    2) there is limited visibility because of a hill and trees
    3) Many pedestrians use Farmhouse Dr. to get to the Reservoir but there is no functional sidewalk at this location so they are in the street.
    4) Pedestrians also use the pathway between Heberton and Sheridan - this path leads downhill *directly* into Heberton, right where the visibility is the worst and where cars are often traveling the fastest.
    5) There are at least four young children under the age of 4 within three houses of this intersection, and dozens more within a block or two.

    The worst part is that this stop sign was removed approximately two years ago (we were away at the time). I cannot conceive of a reason to remove it; I hope tragedy is not the reason it is replaced.

  • Beverly Place Archived
    5517-5536 Beverly Pl Pittsburgh, PA 15206, USA - Highland Park

    whole street is full of potholes. It has not been paved in 20 years or so. It's been patched numerous times, but the patches come apart. The street needs to be paved, resurfaced.

    update: in april we received a postcard from the ward telling us that Beverly Place would be resurfaced. It hasn't yet...

  • Potholes Archived
    5701-5705 Wellesley Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15206, USA - Highland Park
    Multiple potholes. Wellesley Ave between Negley and Highland Aves is pretty beat up.
  • Pothole Archived
    5701-5799 Bunkerhill St Pittsburgh, PA 15206, USA - Highland Park
    A large pothole at the corner in the lane where cars turn right onto Lake Drive. It may be the same pothole that was patched in previous winters.
  • 940 N Negley Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15206 - Highland Park
    there are too many potholes to count on n. negley avenue beginning at the intersection of jackson street and n. negley avenue all the way down to the reservoir
  • 5902 Bunkerhill St Pittsburgh, PA 15206, USA - Highland Park
    Two blocks of solid potholes from Highland Ave to Negley Ave and a few on the other side too
  • Big pothole Archived
    Connecting Rd Pittsburgh, PA 15206, USA - Highland Park
    leaving the park towards the neighborhood - big pothole at bottom of hill