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  • Bungalow Ave SAN RAFAEL, CA - San Rafael
    The neighborhood has been trying to get this Street repaired since 1989! The Street is very narrow making it difficult for 2 cars to pass safely.There are large open Gutters with Driveway entrances making it dangerous when 2 cars try to pass. A car can hit a driveway entrance and severely damage there front suspension. This has happened often. It has only partial sidewalks causing pedestrians to walk on the Street. We have had nothing but excuses from the City. The IJ published an article Nov 23 2003 concerning this issue.(See attached). This issue has gone on far to long.
  • 648 B St San Rafael, CA - San Rafael
    Who owns these newspaper racks? Unk. public or private graffiti?
    These racks are near the Safeway parking lot on B St. and are covered with considerable graffiti.
  • Linden Ln San Rafael, CA - San Rafael

    Linden Tunnel graffiti all over the walls.

    Graffiti abatement

  • THEFT Open
    422 Hibiscus Way San Rafael, CA 94903, USA - San Rafael
    Bike Santa Cruz Nomad White Stolen from Garage
  • 925 4th St. San Rafael, CA 94901, USA - Gerstle Park
    Private property graffiti, 925 4th St. East wall at upper level. Picture taken 4/22/10.
  • 835 5th Ave. San Rafael Ca 94901 - San Rafael
    Green graffiti on East brick wall at 10-15 feet high. Reported three weeks ago on telephone hot line.
  • 292 Lincoln Ave. San Rafael, CA - San Rafael
    Outside phone @ 292 Lincoln Ave. has white tags on stainless steel, phone handle and phone directory holder.
  • 4th St San Rafael, CA - Gerstle Park
    four walls
    approx. 20 sq. ft
    Notified "Vincent"
  • 251 C St. San Rafael CA - San Rafael
    Apparently, a mature street tree on C St. was cut down. I don't know if the city do this, or if the resident of a home did this. Clearly it was buckling the sidewalk, but the solution is not to cut down the tree and, it is to fix the sidewalk.
    I also understand there is some for us going on about who is going to pay for sidewalk repair. I don't know the answer to that, but I know that we can't go cutting down beautiful mature street trees which took 15 years to grow because of sidewalk has a bucket in it.
    If this was in fact done without a permit, I hope that the city will go after the homeowner and penalize them for this action.
  • John T. Knox Freeway San Rafael, CA 94964, United States of America - San Rafael
    I580 Westbound right after the San Quentin exit. Areas of broken, missing, sunken, rough, and uneven pavement. Potential hazard to vehicle control. Thank you for repairing, filling, and leveling.
  • 1590 Lincoln Ave San Rafael, CA 94901 - San Rafael

    1. "Tork" tag, black ink
    6-12", visible on side of box
    Recommend wash

    2. Scribble, white ink

  • Linden Ln San Rafael, CA - San Rafael
    Linden Tunnel graffiti has been up for 90 days