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  • 1000 Winton Philadelphia, PA - South Philadelphia
    10th Street from Snyder to Jackson on the east side is full of trash, food waste, dog feces, and abandoned buildings. The building on the southeast corner is a particular problem and has even been dubbed "The Pigeon House." It has finally been boarded up but has been derelict for years.
  • Angle Parking Archived
    1200-1300 Shunk Street Philadelphia, PA - South Philadelphia
    On Shunk St. between 12th and 13th there are signs indicating angle parking on the North side of Shunk however there is no angle parking lines and it is not enforced. Cars coming out of 2600 S. Isminger St. have difficulty because they cannot see oncoming traffic... this has caused many accidents...HELP
  • Juniper Street At Snyder Avenue Philadelphia, PA - South Philadelphia
    Trash and litter covers the entire Street on the Juniper St. block between Snyder and McKean. It is impossible not to step on trash while walking on the sidewalks, also there have been multiple dead rats and mice among the trash
  • 1036 Tree St Philadelphia, PA - South Philadelphia
    I called 311 about 3 weeks ago about an alley light out in the alley way between 10th and 11th Tree and Daly Sts the light is directly behind 1034 Tree Street; Access to the alley may be obtained on the 10th street alley way. I am a heart patient and I would gladly change the light if I could not to bother you with this but I cannot get a ladder that long.
    My house was broken into by the back and I am concerned about my safety.
    Yesterday someone from Land I was out, they parked but did not go into or near the alley. After several minutes the man moved his vechile and proceeded N on S 11th Street. He did not come back. I sat and waited. This is a dangerous area and we need a light to lighten up the back of our houses. I do have an outdoor light that goes on if someone passes but this did not deter the person who broke in. Thank you for your help
  • 1201 Daly St Philadelphia, PA - South Philadelphia
    open trash bags, litter everywhere
  • giant pothole!! Acknowledged
    2233-2299 S Mildred St Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - South Philadelphia
    about 6 inches deep and 2 and a half feet wide on the West side of Key Elementary school, in the middle of the 2200 block of Mildred street.
  • 1106 Cantrell St Philadelphia, PA 19148, USA - South Philadelphia
    Trash dumped; out prior to trash day
  • 2127 S 11th Street Philadelphia, PA - South Philadelphia
    there is a constant presence of dog waste in a 2-3 block radius in this neighborhood
  • 1000 Tree Street Philadelphia, PA - South Philadelphia
  • 1100 Fitzgerald Philadelphia, PA - South Philadelphia
  • 931 Winton St Philadelphia, PA - South Philadelphia
    Every Sunday, Monday , Tuesday Evenings Men that live on block sit outside house drink an speak loud an play music with extreme bass till early morn, Residents that live on block are elderly, health conditions, children, workers, school kids who have been disturbed often, we have asked to consider noise an called police but continue doing so. HELP
  • 944 Daly St Philadelphia, PA - South Philadelphia
    west part of 900 block of Daly St is full of broken glass and litter on the street and sidewalks.