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  • 3018 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis 55408, United States - East Calhoun
    Giant white truck in bike lane. Cyclist can’t use the lane at all and busses are getting completely stuck on Hennepin ave.
  • 3032 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis 55408, United States - East Calhoun
    Vehicle parked on the sidewalk, bike/fire lane blocking traffic. Close to an hour.
  • S Lyndale Ave At Franklin Ave Minneapolis, MN 55405, USA - Whittier
  • 2837-2839 Humboldt Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA - East Isles
    Sunday 3/3/2013 at 6:45pm, observed a gold or silver Saturn sedan, MN license plate 837-BJH. Driver was proceeding eastbound, made a U-turn at Fremont heading west, then exited at Humboldt. Not sure if "innocent mistake" or drunk or what. Weather conditions were dry. No matter how innocent the mistake, I'm sure it has happened before and will happen again. Better signage is needed at the 3 at-grade Greenway crossings west of Hennepin Ave (Humboldt, Irving, James).
  • 3000 Lyndale Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA - Calhoun
    Snow plowing in the LynLake area is insufficient and leaves too much snow along the curb. As a result, cars cannot park close to the curb but instead have to park well into the right-hand south-bound lane of Lyndale. This is a danger to south-bound cars as the road suddenly goes from a 2 lane road to a one lane road with no warning. The snow should be removed, parking should be restricted, or one of the traffic lanes should be closed.
  • 3108 Girard Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA - Calhoun
  • 1008-1010 W 28th St Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA - Lowry Hill East
    the timing is not long enough for more than a few cars on 28th Street to get through a green light now that the bike lane is installed.
  • Pothole Archived
    612 W 35th St Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA - Lyndale
  • Emerson Avenue South And Franklin Avenue - Lowry Hill
    This lack of stop signs at this intersection has been the cause of many (seemingly monthly) collisions of both vehicles and pedestrians in the nearly 3 years I have lived in the neighborhood. It's at the bottom of a small hill and with cars parked on the street it is very difficult to see traffic. You oftentimes have to inch out into the intersection in order to see, which is dangerous. Please install 4-way stop signs at this intersection.
  • 2003 Aldrich Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55405, USA - Lowry Hill East
    Parked too close to an intersection, blocking traffic
  • 3001 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis 55408, United States - Calhoun
  • 2700 Emerson Ave S Minneapolis 55408, United States - Lowry Hill East
    2700 block of Emerson Av S. Odd side of the street is approx 3/4 blocked from plowing by illegally parked cars. Can we PLEASE get some parking enforcement of the snow emergency in this neighborhood? Yesterday the even side of the street was filled with illegally parked cars. Yesterday and today there has been NO enforcement on this block or anywhere in the surrounding neighborhood, despite block after block being full of cars parked on both sides. Parking enforcement needs to be directed to this neighborhood.