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  • 2221 St Albans Street philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    At 10:15am this morning I saw a young female tenant of 2221 St Albans Street leave the property with several bags of trash, two of which she left in front of 2209 St Albans Street. She then threw others into a small gated courtyard next to 2209 and left the remaining bags at the curb.
  • 921 S. 21st Street Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest
    The residents of 921 S. 21st Street and 2124 Carpenter Street are using the 2100 blocks of Carpenter St, Kimball St, and 21st Street to keep and store various used cars. These cars often sit here and do not move. They are treating the neighborhood as their own personal used car lot and taking away parking spots from deserving residents. These cars often times have questionable license tplates and I can provide photos if requested or I will post at anotther time.Both residents have a questionable "car business", but need to realize ou rneighborhood is not their personal used car lot.
  • 746 S 24th St Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest

    This SUV parked *all* weekend in this same spot and received NO TICKETS. Why??? Not only did it block the crosswalk, it blocked the curb cut. The plates have a "disabled" symbol -- and apparently the driver doesn't care if anyone else has to walk out into the street or get hit by a car turning left from Grays Ferry to 24th because this enormous SUV has blocked all visibility.

    (This car sat in the adjacent alley another weekend without getting ticketed, even though others were trying to access the alley for legitimate reasons.)

    Please make sure this car gets ticketed just as everyone else does! The driver is getting the message that s/he can park wherever s/he likes, and that's totally uncool.

  • Mugging Archived
    22nd Block Of Christian Street (Christian St Between 22nd And 23rd St - Schuylkill Southwest
    Mugging on 22nd block of Christian around 11pm on 11/2/13
  • On 21st At The Corner Of Montrose And S. 21st Street Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest

    This silver Chevy Cruz has been parked illegally for weeks on end now at the corner of Montrose and S. 21st street (on 21st). Cars can barely turn onto 21st street safely because it's jutting out so far. You have to try to maneuver around it -- while making sure there is no traffic coming down 21st (since there is usually a blind spot trying to view if you can pull out).

    It has continually gotten tickets but has not moved at all and has not been towed. I am starting to wonder if it is stolen or something? I can't imagine the owner has not taken the numerous tickets off and moved it by now if it were parked there by a neighborhood resident.

  • 2221 St Albans Street philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    The PHA tenants of 2221 St Albans St. continue to throw trash onto the sidewalk next to the property. This has become an ongoing problem. There are now several illegal tenants living at the house and the amount of garbage being thrown onto the sidewalk is increasing.
  • 2100 Saint Albans Street Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    Blighted, vacant property on street with +90% occupied residential houses. Front door on Saint Albans is a piece of plywood (painted brown by the city after it was tagged with graffiti). There is also plywood on the rear of the property.
  • 2100 Montrose 19146 - Schuylkill Southwest
    Numerous vehicles have been left abandoned on the 2100 block of Montrose Street for months. Many don't have PPA permits even though the block is a 2hr time limit block.
  • 24th And Christian Streets Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Schuylkill Southwest
    This corner, which was recently upgraded with new handicap ramps, regularly floods. Before the upgrade this was not an issue. At its deepest it is at least 6" deep. The flooding extends far out into the intersection and is potentially dangerous.
  • 1907 Christian St Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    1907 Christian St has no windows. The rear of the property is falling down and is unsafe. The backyard is a health hazard, filled with garbage. Vernen, including racoons and opossum, have been seen occupying the property and are unsafe for the residents. Please do something about this property!!
  • Kauffman Street Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest
    This is what the alley looks like the day after 'trash day' on Kaufmann. Half the garbage was put out in bags on the curb instead of in cans, and as the trash trucks drive down this alley they just run over the bags letting the contents spew in the alley. In other cases the trash cans themselves get knocked into the street by the trash trucks and the trucks just run them over instead of stopping, getting out, fixing or emptying the can, etc. This ruins the cans and leaves more trash spewing in the street. It's a hot summer and this trash just sits and rots. Half the trash was not picked up this week - as you can see it is still in the alley. It is disgusting. unsanitary and not totally the fault of the residents of both Catherine and Madison who have their trash 'picked up' in this alley. The city needs to address this ongoing problem.
  • 1900 Catherine Street Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    The Stop Sign on the NW Corner of 19th and Catherine--for traffic going south on 19th Street, is knocked down.